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  1. Sorry to disappoint @jonab I’m an Apple man so I don’t get any computer problems, you get what you pay for.
  2. Sounds like bleddy Kabul in NG8
  3. No flies on@Willow wilson Where & what?
  4. It's almost lighting up time, loved bonfire night when a kid, better than Christmas.
  5. Super Sue on the button. Easy, but where & what?
  6. Amazon you say? Be careful https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/news-article/shop-worker-spots-fraud-wilko
  7. Tells you how tasteless it is, so you've got to add raisins, walnuts, golden syrup, honey, fresh fruit, banana, prunes & sugar to make it edible, I feel sorry for Goldilocks
  8. Loop round each ear & just sit close together, bus driver gave me a dead smart one with Trent Barton on it.
  9. Just walked to the bus stop, forgot me bleddy mask, sharing Mrs Reds! The good they've done I can't believe we are still wearing the buggers
  10. @The Pianoman Your Dads house not on this photo No 2, the large house behind the Crown is gone which would have been No 4 Radford Bridge Road, the house with the pear tree growing up the side, still standing with the smaller brick building is still there No 6.
  11. Five! He took longer to come out than Phillip Schofield
  12. Daughter tells Sainsburys Castle Marina solid with queuing across the car park? You'd think they would have enough bog roll, pasta & beans from the last lockdown
  13. Looking like full lockdown on Wednesday, just finished work texted a few lads see what towns like, most pubs are doing soup and a roll for a £1 or pork pie & salad £1 Cornish pasty & salad £1 as part of the restrictions.
  14. So full UK lockdown by Wednesday, be nice if they included the so called keyworkers this time, they can watch a bit of Netflix while getting paid? The backbone of the country, boots on, be safe everyone
  15. That's where you went wrong youth, should change your name to EyyaGorritYet