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  1. We had a special shelf @ the VBar where the pre-prepared glasses were keep for previous troublesome, impatient, moaning, complainng, customers! O' how we chuckled
  2. Cancelled for a second year running
  3. My 87 year old Mum still not been contacted by Bracebridge Drive Medical Centre, (read the reviews if you want a laugh) https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Bracebridge+Drive+Medical+Centre&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari#wptab=s:H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVuLVT9c3NEyqjC8wtcgwecTozS3w8sc9YSmnSWtOXmO04eIKzsgvd80rySypFNLjYoOyVLgEpVB1ajBI8XOhCvHsYuL3yU9OzAnIzwxKLctMLS9exKqYlJmTlF-UX5qeoZCbmpIJlFZITs0rKUpVKIKoAQDTgQ89lQAAAA she’s been told to wait to be contacted, good job I’ve already sorted her jab.
  4. I would like to see the phrase “Socially Distancing” & “Underlining Health Issues” erased from from the English language, I cringed when I see or hear it used.
  5. I've always worked shifts, must admit when I worked for imperial tobacco I hated afternoons, especially when the kids where young.
  6. She's thinks because I finish @ 2 ish I'm part time, no mention of the half five start
  7. Me Mams had an influence on her 83 year old neighbour who was adamant she was not having the jab, she didn't want to put anyone out, my Mums volunteered me, she booked in for tomorrow afternoon, think I might need to get a bigger car, or at least a 4 door?
  8. Just waiting for your glove puppet to come along & like your post
  9. Took my 87 year old Mam for her jab on Friday in the old central studios (still got all the lighting up) being the first proper day of vaccinating, lots of staff & I think volunteers? Wiping anything that's touched, sometimes while your still touching it, a cleaning level I have not witnessed before, to say we are still almost side by side & on top of each other @ work throughout the pandemic? It was not that busy, far more staff than customers, possibly 4 to 1, looking online their is loads of appointment places available Nottingham Covid Vaccination Patient Booking She was asked
  10. Who you gonna blame? @DJ360 Myself, it’s the last time I buy a car with low profile run flat tyres, only brought it for the wheels, you need proper tyres in this country.
  11. Broken coil spring, bleddy road humps & pot holes.
  12. Hopkins you say? The voice of common sense? Wonder what Tommy's doing?
  13. I have the date for my Mams second jab in March
  14. Just booked me 87 year old Mam in tomorrow afternoon @ The Over 80s Kings Meadow Covid Vaccination Centre (the old central studios) loads of spaces see link below. Nottingham Covid Vaccination Patient Booking
  15. Not sure a ranting/moaning DJ will get you any nearer jumping the jab queue, I not suggesting it ever happens, but you wouldn't want things with your name on being pushed to one side for a little while/days/weeks/lost/missing would you
  16. Rest in Peace Bulwell’s finest Nicky Booth former Bantamweight British & commonwealth champion.
  17. Every dog we’ve had, arrived with his coat on & they never took it off? I can imagine all the other dogs pointing & laughing, “Look at him with 2 coats on”
  18. In a half woken state this morning watching CNN with my cup of tea, I thought "Good God, Not the Council House"
  19. Big hugs coming your way @LizzieM x