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  1. What was this place & where & what is it now?
  2. I’m sure the billions the government could save in pension & benefit payments will speed up the vaccination program?
  3. Crikey ..... 22 million people in the queue in front of me which is pretty much the same as when I call British Gas
  4. These teachers getting my goat moaning about unsafe working conditions, you don’t hear supermarket workers bus & railway workers, postmen & delivery divers moaning & they’ve worked all the way through, while teachers spent months at home doing nothing
  5. Mrs Red brought a coat from Debenhams in the Boxing Day/closing down sales, today she found 9 removed/cut security tags in the pocket, no wonder it was losing money?
  6. The use of drones in the London firework 2021 celebrations was very cleverly done, if you missed it.
  7. Well we are in tier 4, we have 5,6,7 & as many more numbers they can find, this virus is going nowhere, it’s here to stay, that flu jab you speak of, it don’t stop you getting flu?
  8. I like clever comedy like Frank Skinner & his ad libs, genius, big fan of Paul Merton & his spontaneous wit.
  9. I don't find Billy Connolly at all funny I do have trouble understanding what he’s saying?
  10. Nottingham placed into Tier 4 except for Notts County who remain in Tier 5
  11. The fog got that bad I put the radio on, still couldn't see the ball
  12. To celebrate brexit we had no brussels with our Christmas dinner
  13. I believe we will be in the same position if not worse this time next year & possibly the year after, this virus is going nowhere. Learn to live with it, you’ve just lost one year of your very short life, enjoy yourself it’s later than you think.
  14. Just keep turning it over & over until you find the side with the glass screen
  15. Two shocking examples of quoting the previous post above from Bev & Ube (welcome to nottstalgia) but I suppose we are dealing with the older crowd being a nostalgia site? If the moderation team amend it, can also delete this post please.
  16. Ooooooo! We have a cats thread, who'd have thought it
  17. The Engineer knows his gear I believe this is part of the above?
  18. About to preform that good old Boxing Day tradition jumping on the wheelie bin
  19. Anyone know if the chippys are open tomorrow in Skegness? Went last Boxing Day it was packed.
  20. Me daughter & granddaughter turned up in matching jimjams (looked well cute) still got my jimjams on not sure I'm getting dressed today?
  21. First time I have ever stayed in on Christmas Eve crap innit. Without breaking any rules all our kids & gang are round for Christmas Day, makes working all year seem worth while. Peace & Love x