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  1. Having worked with quite a few vegetarians over the years I have noticed when they let rip the smell if far superior to us meat eaters, one youth Glenn Hawking would clear the tea bar, some would leave with eyes streaming, some gagging, I can still taste it, putrid
  2. I will not unnecessary quote, reply to3 up. I know two "Nobbys" surnames Clarke & Stiles.
  3. So chances are by the end of the year we could be jetting of to some far off tropical paradise & now the bleddy engines are dropping off ..... you couldn’t make it up
  4. Don't put off till tomorrow what you could do today, if you do it today & you like it, you can do it again tomorrow.
  5. Showing the old police station on the right dated 1932.
  6. Apparently the more modern man get the lot off, legs, knuckles, back, sack & crack! Don't cut yoursen
  7. Levi Sta-Prest, crisp Ben Sherman & cherry red Doc Martins sorted.
  8. Our Banksy was removed this morning
  9. In his short story 'Tickets, Please!' DH Lawrence paints a glorious picture of the 'Ripley Rattler', that two hour tram journey from Nottingham to Ripley deemed to be the most dangerous route in England. https://www.pseudopodium.org/repress/shorts/D_H_Lawrence-Tickets_Please.html
  10. Forgot it was pancake day, it just creped up on me
  11. My old Mam said never trust a man hiding behind a beard & we all now know what’s under a pony’s tail?
  12. Spotted Wollaton Road a 21 year old classic? future classic? You don’t see many around, I had one for about 5 days & flogged it.
  13. Bugger looks like we are staying in this Valentines Day ....... for a change
  14. I would think so, not enough hours in the day or ink in his pen for all that waffle
  15. Overused phrase heard in lockdown “It is what it is”
  16. Well they ain't doing bad @ 150 plus years of age