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  1. Certainly is @philmayfield but now owned by Nottingham Trent University & will be used for degree ceremonies & music. What is this? What was this? Bonus points if you name the high rise block in the distance
  2. West End Arcade Other way round @mary1947 it was an escalator until that youth lost his toe, it's now stairs!
  3. Long Row Tesco Express, Parliament Street NHS Healthcare.
  4. No, but always fancied a swan.
  5. I've put the sprouts on, should be ready for Christmas Day
  6. All on same plate? Wonder if @darcy83 who started this tread ever came back to Nottingham? Never came back to Nottstalgia, wonder why?
  7. This was my substantial meal when I watched Manchester United v Arsenal game beginning of November in the city center, the waitress said just leave it there, we stayed all day, I never touched it? On the Saturday Pork Pie & salad £1 with your drinks, told to just leave it on the table, chucked it for the pigeons when we left.
  8. Has anyone come up with a solution about disposal of the eclectic car batteries yet?
  9. So if tomorrows Black Friday, today is tier full Thursday.
  10. Whatever happened to Snake Oil? Can you still buy it? Anyone still got a bottle in their medicine cabinet?
  11. So it’s been knocking round since 2009 & they’ve put a different label on it, I’ve never had the flu jab, but I’ve never had flu.
  12. But what if the vaccines worse than COVID No thanks
  13. They can not win, if they had not relaxed the rules, the rebels would ignore it anyway & the lockdown lovers would still moan, if you need wait to be told how to keep you & your family safe, there really is not much hope for you
  14. A family favourite since 1887