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  1. Hi everyone. Please can anyone confirm I’m not going mad. I seem to remember there being a second branch of John Lewis in Nottingham either attached to the Broadmarch centre by a bridge or as part of the main centre itself. Is this true as I can find no mention of such a store anywhere online. Someone is bound to know! I’m sure I visited the store several times in the 90’s. Back in the 70’s we used to live at Radcliffe on Trent and caught the bus into Broadmarsh most days as I then worked at the old Nottingham General Hospital and my wife would travel down to Leicester either by bus or train (if we were feeling flush that month). We’d sometimes also get the train home to Radcliffe, but more often the bus. Fond memories of that time. An earlier thread was about Macfisheries on Long Row. We often used to meet in Nottingham on a Friday and do our weekly shop there, especially if we were short of money at the end of the month as it was the only food shop at the time which accepted my wife’s Barclaycard!