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  1. There are some videos on Youtube, it's just a regular HST set repainted in the Pullman Blue livery. I'm not sure who operates it but it's used on specials. It went to northern Scotland last week, a friend of mine was on it.
  2. There is an HST running about which has been repainted into Blue Pullman livery.
  3. Geoff Marshall is a bit of a "nerd" but some of his videos are quite interesting, just wish he'd pronounce "Basford" correctly!
  4. I think they are contracted out for painting nowadays, not certain though.
  5. Try to get as much exercise as you can, a daily walk if nothing else, stopping in all day isn't good. I've given myself a set get up time and bedtime, quite a luxury after years of shiftwork, I try to have a decent walk in the nature reserve everyday, it's vital for health. Do you have a dog? Or friends with one? They are an excellent incentive to get you out there if the weather isn't special. Try not to be in too much of a rush to do things, you'll have far more time but probably a lower income so you can't persue hobbies perhaps at the speed you might want to! What sort of things are
  6. I've just recently retired and love it. After 40+ years of shift work, getting up at ungodly hours, trying to sleep during the day in heatwaves, working weekends, bank holidays and Christmas, it's wonderful having a regular rythmn to my day. I'm walking far more now, dog walking with my friend and doing my 10,000 steps a day everyday instead of just every now and then. How I found the time to go to work I don't know! And this has all been during lockdown, once we are free (if ever) I want to get involved far more in church activities and social life, can't wait.
  7. Were they painted red? Or is my memory playing up?
  8. I think this vehicle may still exist, wasn't it used by UKIP in the 2015 general election?
  9. It isn't owned by Network Rail as far as I know, I think it belongs to one of the maintenance companies. Bringing it back into Nottingham would involve a lot of demolition and the chsanging of Ladybay bridge back to rail use. Would cost millions.
  10. Clover Dairy had a facility at Willoughby that's the one you'd have seen.
  11. Is the walkway open again now? The council were talking about legal action.........
  12. Well I'm offended by the idiots in charge of us, can they be "disappeared"?
  13. Hi Beekay, yes a better quality and quantity of gas! Plenty of "Old Farts" on here, myself included........
  14. Well I had a vision of a large herd of cows in the depot all farting into the bus tank.........