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  1. They are. You can see sand on the rails at a number of stops.
  2. Not 1969, it has the "drop box" for the exact fare ticket system introduced around 1973 (?) and is in the revised livery from about 1978/9.
  3. I thought so. My Nana lived at 3 Vere Street Bulwell, now the bus staion, and we often went to visit on a 43/44. I can remember being on a trolleybus swinging round Bulwell Market, he went really fast!
  4. Hi Beekay, I live off Stapleford Lane in Toton, often walk upto Toton Lane for the tram to Beeston. Small world isn't it?
  5. I remember these on the 43s after the trollies finished.
  6. Well now they are stopping the Mango cards from being used I'll be going back to TrentBarton or more likely my car! Not joined up..........
  7. Thank you, I was a bit young at the time so the memories have faded...............!
  8. Yes that is a good point, I was forgetting that originally the OMO was done with the old ticket machines and a cash tray! Of course many vehicles remained on the same route all day so the number only needed setting once. I lived on Hucknall Road as a child and I'm told it was complaints from folk using our services from Trinity Square that prompted NCT to install a side number box on the "L" registered Daimlers. Most people would approach the bus from behind at Trinity Square and got fed up having to walk around the front to see where it was going! The two large mirrors were used on the "G" and "H" registered Atlanteans, don't know about the lowbridge ( "J" registered for Cliftons) ones though.
  9. Thanks everyone, I've found it on the map.