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  1. Hi Beekay, yes a better quality and quantity of gas! Plenty of "Old Farts" on here, myself included........
  2. Well I had a vision of a large herd of cows in the depot all farting into the bus tank.........
  3. I didn't know that, just assumed it was methane from natural sources! I did know that the electric buses (and cars) are charged off the grid which is laughable, coal or nuclear generated electricity going into them. I often see one of those Nottbus 510/511 vehicles being charged at Beeston Interchange middle of the day, presumably because it can't complete a days work going up the hills either side of Bardills island! So are any of the gas buses in use or have NCT gone back to diesel only?
  4. Quite alright. The Master Cutler ran via Toton during the late 90s, now it goes via Derby in normal times. Of course there is no headboard or anything, to be honest I signalled it for months before realising the name was restored! For us each train is known by its reporting number, not its name. I actually didn't know the South Yorkshireman name had been revived.
  5. It has done in recent years, I signalled it through Derby!
  6. During the lockdown I've noticed on my shopping trips to Beeston that the gas buses have gone from the Orange 36, replaced by Orange 35 diesel vehicles. Is this due to the higher cost of running the gas buses? Obviously I've not been elsewhere in Nottingham so don't know if gas buses are still operating on other routes.
  7. The Master Cutler, sadly I'm too young to have seen this train on the GC, I've only ever known it running into St Pancras. It is interesting however to speculate on how it would have been behind an A4 or even a Deltic into Marylebone?
  8. As a child I lived on Hucknall Road, I always remember the blue Midland General buses on the B8 to Mansfield. We had green and cream on NCT, red and white on Trent and blue and cream on MGO. The blue and cream was the most handsome livery, I was sorry when they got painted in that awful poppy red of NBC.
  9. Yes I'd forgotton about the drivers still handling cash in those days, now I remember, the red drop boxes and no change given started with the L registered Fleetlines. It was pictures of the Fleetlines and Atlanteans from just before OMO and rebuilding that I was interested in, as I said they seem to be very hard to come by.
  10. Hi Beekay, I'm just being nostalgic. As a child we lived on Hucknall Road and the 6/17/18/28 group of routes always seemed (to me as a child) to be used as a testing ground for brand new busses. I remember how handsome the HTO***D, MTO***F and PTO***G registered vehicles looked as they passed by. Pictures of the Daimlers in particular before they were rebuilt seem to be so rare and anything other than a standard front end view even more so. I always felt that rebuilding these busses spoilt them and removing the rear destination blinds to leave a black rectangle made them look awful! Thank you in advance for any pictures you have, I keep looking on ebay as well.
  11. Hi Beekay, I suppose we can all say that about our jobs! After many years I only do mine now for the money, they managed to beat the interest out of me years ago! There are actually a lot of pictures on this thread if you have an hour to spare going through it, just not quite "the one", not yet anyway! Thanks for the interest.
  12. Thank you but not really. I just remember the NCT Atlanteans and Fleetlines when they were brand new but still had conductors. We travelled on them quite a bit as a family, on one occasion the conductor let me press the lever on his ticket machine to issue my ticket. Just childhood memories but in those days only adults had cameras and my dad never used his to take pictures of NCT!
  13. Interesting website, thank you, but no pictures that I was looking for sadly.
  14. Has anyone got any pictures of Nottingham Atlanteans and Fleetlines before they were rebuilt with centre exits? I'd love to see the rear destination displays as well, these vehicles were so handsome in their original condition. Thanks.
  15. Soon to be replaced by rebuilt London Transport surface line trains dating from the 70s I think.
  16. They are. You can see sand on the rails at a number of stops.
  17. I thought so. My Nana lived at 3 Vere Street Bulwell, now the bus staion, and we often went to visit on a 43/44. I can remember being on a trolleybus swinging round Bulwell Market, he went really fast!
  18. Hi Beekay, I live off Stapleford Lane in Toton, often walk upto Toton Lane for the tram to Beeston. Small world isn't it?
  19. I remember these on the 43s after the trollies finished.
  20. Well now they are stopping the Mango cards from being used I'll be going back to TrentBarton or more likely my car! Not joined up..........
  21. Thank you, I was a bit young at the time so the memories have faded...............!
  22. Yes that is a good point, I was forgetting that originally the OMO was done with the old ticket machines and a cash tray! Of course many vehicles remained on the same route all day so the number only needed setting once. I lived on Hucknall Road as a child and I'm told it was complaints from folk using our services from Trinity Square that prompted NCT to install a side number box on the "L" registered Daimlers. Most people would approach the bus from behind at Trinity Square and got fed up having to walk around the front to see where it was going! The two large mirrors were used on the "G" and "H" registered Atlanteans, don't know about the lowbridge ( "J" registered for Cliftons) ones though.
  23. Thanks everyone, I've found it on the map.