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  1. Craig are you any relation to Stan and Mary ? . Kindest Regards
  2. Long Lost Family Nottingham Hello you lovely people, I am trying to trace my Mom's Sister they were both given up for adoption many years ago and have never met each other . My Mom is 73yrs and her sister is 70yrs. Does anyone know of Sheila Ann Margaret Sharpe born 8th March 1951 in West Bridgeford, Nottingham ? . She obviously will have had a name change due to adoption or marriage. Parents were Stanley James Sharpe and Mary Emily Thomas both from Nottingham . Power of social media, please help me reunite them .
  3. Hi , I am wondering if anyone knows there whereabouts of the Sharpe Family (Stan Sharpe) or Mary . Used to own MOTAX car shop / garage . I would appreciate any information at all . Many Thanks Kerrie
  4. Hi , just wondered if you saw my post re Motax garage that belonged to Stan Sharpe ? .



    Email and phone number removed for members safety.


    1. jonab


      VERY unwise to publish personal information (email addess/phone no.) on a public website. All  sorts of nasty people around you know.


      It ought to contact admin to request that this info is removed.

    2. Kerrie_1969


      Thank you sorry I thought it was a private message .


      Much appreciated thank you 

  5. Hi , I am trying to trace the Sharpe family and I wonder if this is the same MOTAX shop that they owned .


    Could you please make contact with me on 

  6. Hi , could you please help me ? , I am trying to trace the Sharpe family who owned/worked in MOTAX car shop . If anyone knows their whereabouts I would be most grateful if they could contact me on