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  1. Yes, that's the one - thanks.
  2. I remember Boots cos as daft as it sounds I remember the big brass buttons all over the glass doors! Whilst I'm at it what was the large store a bit further down from Boots it had household linens etc on the ground floor and downstairs was ladies clothing possibly other things down there. Don't know if there was a first floor. It may have been alongside Chelsea Girl?
  3. 1972/1973 but you could be correct in that it might have been a burger bar but not a Wimpy - I really can't remember.
  4. I think someone must have got their builders and their burgers muddled up
  5. When I used to go with my BILs father and his dog to collect golf balls from the golf course at Bulwell I'm sure we walked by some nissen huts justs before entering the golf course but I of course may be wrong it was a very long time ago and I was a small child.
  6. I've looked at the photos and have obviously got my bearings wrong as that's not the one. I would have sworn it was opposite Boots the Chemist on Wheeler Gate with Sisson & Parker a bit further down. I will do some head scratching and try to remember.
  7. Around 1973 I spent my holiday pay in Birdcage buying a lovely jumper and some trousers and then I went into Bus Stop and bought a dress and a smoking jacket!
  8. 1971 or 72 can't remember which year I started work at Miss Selfridge that was due to open in the Victoria Centre. Unfortunately Taylor Woodrow went on strike and so the first couple of weeks we spent at the Portland Hotel near to the Midland Station being trained! We were taken for a Wimpy which scared the life out of me as I'd never been in a burger bar or knew what a burger was! I'm sure the Wimpy was opposite Boots the Chemist just around the corner from Friar Lane? where I used to get my bus ie the 4 or 4a to Beeston there was a shop called D&P Outfitters where my school uniform ca
  9. I had my wedding reception at the Dancing Slipper - one Thursday in 1976 from noon till 3pm.
  10. Hello Helena My mother had worked at the Chilwell Ordinace Depot during the war and so I'm told made up the gas masks that contained asbestos. She died in 1979. After her death I had to attend the Coroner's Court where I was asked to pursue it further as they seemed to think it was the first case related to death from working there. It was suggested there could be compensation however I declined to pursue it as I didn't want to receive any monies from my mother's death.
  11. I'd totally forgotten the irish coffee which was delicious and I still make them at home all these years later! Very difficult to get a good Irish coffee in France in fact most coffees that come with cream has the squirty out of a tin type - just not the same.
  12. My aunt used to say ah well if nothing changes it stays the same. A friend used to say me watch is on bobbins - which is possibly an Ilkeston phrase.
  13. Wow how Nottm has changed but then I did leave in 1979! Zizzis where the Kardoma I remember circa 1965 had a basement where in the main students hung out, the ground floor was where to buy your coffee beans and have a coffee at the bar where mum took me and upstairs was posh! Failing that it was a well known old fashioned tea room (so well known that I've forgotten the name!), was it Lyons? the waitresses wore black dresses and white pinnies one of my relatives was a cashier there. Then again if all these were busy on a Saturday we would end up at either Griffin & Spalding tea shop or
  14. All I remember is the road split and the main post office was on the left side of the split the Black Boy on the the right side of the split - can't remember the buildings the ran in the middle of the split if you get my drift? I think the Kardoma may have been on the same street and also a Wedding Gown Shop Pronuptua? that sat on the corner of a small alley where Keith Hall and Adrian Hairdressers were - I remember that cos I had a relative Rosco who worked there. The alley led back down to square and I also remember a small boutique (dress shop) called No. 10 cos I had a friend who could
  15. I had a good friend that I lost touch with many years ago. Her family moved from Broxtowe to Balloon Woods. Her name was Josephine Mcleod she had two brothers Malcom and another whose name I've forgotten. We used to go to what we called the threepenny bit pub along with twins Julie and Adele Gregory who lived in Beeston - no idea where they all are now as I moved away as well.