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  1. Not sure this is the place to post this as it's modern but it is what I'm listening to right now.......and it brings a tear to my eyes everytime I listen to it.
  2. There was one on the High Rd Beeston. I spent many hours in there with mum buying towels/tea towels etc. In fact in the mid 70s II bought things from there for my 'bottom drawer' and until a couple of years back still had one blue & one orange towel that had a border of white ducks. There was nothing wrong with them except a little faded & I thought time to let go to the charity shop.
  3. Somewhere I have a book (can't remember what it's called as I've had it years) which is to with Ilkeston and refers to ey up mi duck as a local saying & which according to my ancestry searches Ilkeston was originally in Derbyshire. The same with Stapleford. I had a great deal of bother searching for ancestors in Stapleford Nottingham only to find they were in Stapleford Derbyshire. So I would guess that HUMD was more local to Derbyshire?
  4. My apologies - I obviously read your post to mean something that was not an intended meaning by you ie "So..having got that off of my chest.... .. Here's another 1967 'Northern Soul' classic I was playing before anyone had heard of Northern Soul.."
  5. Don't remember those names but Queens Rd was/is a looooong road. I lived on Queens Rd near the rec on Dovecote Lane. Our neighbours were The Camerons I think Mr Cameron was a Professor at the Uni their son Ian & his older sister. Other neighbours were Mr & Mrs Day & their kids Kevin, Richard & Kay? & Mrs Haynes & her girls Jean, Angela & Linda forgot or maybe didn't know the names of anyone else.
  6. I went to Nether St school ie Beeston Girls Secondary School from 1966-1969. Our headmistress was Miss Herring who always got battered fish from the local chippy spread over her car by the 4th year leavers on their final day!
  7. You obviously had other things on your mind or had other things elsewhere
  8. We moved in 1969 so didn't get to see the roundabout guess they should have stuck with the traffic lights.
  9. It was the Essoldo - not sure that's how it's spelt!
  10. I don't know about that! I used to go on a Sat. afternoon with some friends it cost 6d. My mum used to take in 6 students from the Uni or from Ericssons. One time we had a uni student his name Vijay Verma ? He took me now & again to see the Indian films that were being shown. On his birthday he received via the post from his family some lovely wrist bracelets which he gave to me afterwards - I wish I still had them - don't know what happened to them but they were very bright, colourful and had little jewels on them!
  11. In the mid 60s does anyone recall on Queens Rd Reynolds sweet & ciggy shop & I think there may have been an off licence attached opposite the Essoldo and alongside was VG food shop. I think there may have been a chemist inbetween. On Station Road there was Mrs Bennett a rather large lady always grumpy, sat in her chair and didn't move if she didn't have to. She sold fruit & veg, tinned food, loose dog biscuits, cold meats that she'd slice. I remember being sent to Bennetts for a quarter of corned beef for 1s 6d. I'd always get a threepenny apple on the way to school until sh
  12. I always went to Clarks to get my hair trimmed. I was in awe of the lady that cut it she had very long brown hair that she swished from side to side as she was cutting. That did it for me I wanted to go there and train when I left school. Unfortunately my mum was a widow by then & couldn't afford the £500 fee so I never got to be a hairdresser as being stubborn if I couldn't go there I was going to be a florist instead
  13. I don't consider 50 old - it's so long ago for me though & I still don't consider myself old just
  14. I just luv to see people enjoying themselves especially the guy holding his pint trying not to go for it