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  1. This thread brings back memories as in the 1960s my mum worked at Beeston packing soap but the soap dust got onto her chest causing health problems and she had to leave. My very good friend worked as secretary in Beeston in the 1970s and I remember her telling me that there was a no go area ie no unathorised personnel and not many knew about it she seemed to think that there were animals in that area for testing on.
  2. I now have another question and that is where in Nottingham in 1911 was Smoker's Yard I can't decipher the rest of the handwriting but it looks like it says off Mortimer Street - would that be correct? Once again thanks for any replies as my knowledge of Nottm is limited.
  3. Yes, thanks for that and I am now subscribed to Ancestry and collected a lot of info from Census'
  4. Thank you so much to all for the info. I will take out a subscription to Ancestry.
  5. Agnes Eyre born 1911 Briar St Nottm. Her father Jonathan born 18/08/1880 Nottm, her mother Sarah Ann Eyre nee Fish born I believe in Norfolk but can't be sure about this info. Jonathan's father, RobertEyre born c1851/52 Stapleford married Ann Hall who had a shop at 2 Hope St. Thanks in advance to one and all for all info.
  6. I've recently started looking into my family history but have very little info. What I do know is that my grandfather was Jonathan Eyre and my GGF Robert Eyre. I was told many years ago that one was a jeweller and that Robert had a shop at 2 Hope Street. I was also told that either grandmother or GGM was knocked down by a car on castle boulevard bridge and died but again I cannot find any info and have no family to ask reason being that when my mother remarried she had moved to another county where I was brought up. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.
  7. The Elgins - Stay in my lonely arms. First heard it in The Fountain around 1974, didn't know who it was or what it was called but I loved it and it took me some time to find out but I did and bought Heaven Must Have Sent You - I think this was the B side? I still have it boxed away somewhere!
  8. Just remembered another - not in Market Sq but Woolworths down near Broad Marsh. I went one Saturday on my own and got a plate of chips. I sat down and this old bloke came at sat opposite me. All was OK until he took his teeth out........oh la la....I legged it before I was sick
  9. On a Saturday mum used to take me into Pearson's basement for tea and a toasted teacake or she felt like a cake we went into Lyons and if we were just coffeeing it was the Kardoma. I remember going to a place opposite the Victoria Centre railway bridge it had lots of dangling large orange flowery lampshades made from cotton with long fringes can't remember the name of the street or the teashop but I think there was a clothes shop either above the teashop or nearby - you went up a wooden staircase to get to the clothes shop. There used to be a tea shop/bread shop chain in the south called Ac
  10. THAT IS IT! exactly, ah thanks for the photo Cliff Ton. Never thought I'd see that shop again and I'd totally forgotten about the garage.
  11. Did anyone go to the Palais on a Saturday morning. I used to go in the late 60s early 70s with quite a few friends. I think it was 6d to get in and was from 10am to midday or was it to 2pm can't quite remember but I know we really enjoyed ourselves - maybe it was for teenagers as said can't quite remember. No I think it was midday as sometimes we follwed on to the cinema on the Queens Road in Beeston (Essoldo?) for the sat'day afternoon film again 6d I think to go in.
  12. Anyone recall The Black Diamonds brass band? I think that they may have been the Bestwood Colliery band. I had a friend who played in the band.
  13. I've got a little paperback book called ey up me duck. Great fun trying to get friends to read it! That said has anyone read Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, brilliantly funny but after the first couple of pages I realised that I had to read it in an irish accent - if that makes any sense at all - did help that at the time I had an Irish boss so got used to 'dirty trees' = 33, vagels hard = vehicles hired, a giraffe = a draft and so on..............
  14. Hi, we are in North Mayenne in the Normandie Maine Regional Park. In Surrey we were in Croydon but only for a very short time whilst we made a decision as to where we wanted to live so then we moved to Horsham as we were missing a bit of greenery and Horsham had the greenery and great train links into the smoke where we worked. Unfortunately, Horsham started to build up so we then moved out towards Petworth before moving on to Devon.
  15. I spent so much time enjoying the posts on this forum that I forgot to say hello and introduce myself! I'm actually Lancashire born. We came to Nottingham in 1962 as my mum's side of the family were all from Stapleford/Nottingham/Beeston and Lenton and she wanted to return to Nottm - daft really cos she then moved to Wales for her retirement. Grandad was a cycle mechanic & had a bicycle shop in Lenton or so I'm told - I never met him. Dad's side of the family from various places in Kent. 1979 we moved to Surrey then around a year later to Sussex and stayed for 24 years until moving t
  16. Hi Dave, I thought it was called The Shack but maybe it was The Shed really can't remember and no I don't recall Brian & Sue but maybe I'm that much older! Back then I went with Julie and Adele Gregory and Sandra Russell. I left Nottm in 1979!
  17. Hi plantfit, wouldn't know as I never pressed them
  18. Anyone remember The Black Boy on King Street/Queen Street. Used to go there on a Saturday night in the early 70s cos you got chicken & chips in a basket for 75pence (I still have a ticket that they gave you on ordering your meal) and if you had a meal you were allowed to go into the disco. The disc jockey was female and she was excellent on her choice of dance records. Also Yate's Wine Lodge did become a bit of a dive!
  19. I used to go to Clarke's School of Hairdressing up a tiny street just off the square which I think may have led up to Maid Marion Way. The lady that cut my hair was gorgeous with long thick straight black hair that she used to flick from side to side whilst cutting - that did it for me! I wanted to be an apprentice there when I left school in 1970 but my mum said she couldn't afford the £600 fee! I don't know if that fee was correct or she just didn't want me to do hairdressing!
  20. My second job was an apprentice florist at the Co-op in 1971. The florist was attached to the greengrocer on one side and the butchers the other. The shops were positioned just before the main store on Parliament Street. Mr Coleman was the boss - a very nice kind chappy. Every Saturday on closure he would give me and the two Saturday lads bags of fruit and veg to take home to our parents BUT you must never press his melons!
  21. Anyone remember The Shack, somewhere off Queens Road, Beeston around 1969 Great soul music. It almost seemed like a private sort of venue.
  22. I lived on the 8th floor of Lenton Court in 1970 till 1975. It was OK, the rooms were big and the building was well looked after by the caretaker. The only downside was there was no window in the bathroom it backed the main landing so every time you put the light on you heard this whirring - probably venting? There was a good chip shop in the little arcade. One early evening I saw thick smoke coming up past the kitchen window. I opened the window looked out and saw it was coming from the flat below. I flew down the stairs, hammered the door. The lady had been on the phone and had forgo
  23. Thanks to all for your quick responses. I've check where Russell Street is and yes I think you've found it for me. I've also looked at some old photos of that area on google and there is an old factory builiding with turrets at either end which I remember the factory where I worked had said turrets as I used to go up the stairs in the turret at one end, collect the sandwich orders from the machinists on the various floors and then come back down the other turret staircase. I used to walk down the Alfreton Road from Canning Circus and then cut through into maze of streets where Russell Stre