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  1. Hi DJ. I had an on going itch for 18months plus Mainly around waist but also knees fore arms hands and armpits. Went to the docs and he diagnosed crabs! WTF??! No chance! So he reluctantly put scabies on my notes. But had treatment for scabies. After 8 months and numerous visits and different docs i had a blood test at qmc, and also a skin biopsy. It turns out my midnight scratching and rashes are caused by a gluten intolerance, (celiac). Changed my diet to gluten free which was an eye opener and slowly now seeing the benefits of my health improving. Wit
  2. Yes I think that musty be it, thank you. Probably just a large empty void now.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct thread to ask on, but i'm after info on a cafe that used to be next to Woolworths opposite C and A, a small doorway entrance and downstairs to what I assume was underneath Woolies or WH Smith? Was quite a large place with a 60's / 70's decor. And what is it now?
  4. Arthur and Elizabeth's (A and E) on Aspley Lane is a nice one, in my opinion.
  5. Seem to be a few mentions of Hedley Wright's. Was this a well known place? Only we own the premises now. Relatively new place I assume but used we used to be on the opposite double corner, quite a bit older that one.
  6. Sir John Peace's wiki page makes for interesting reading for anyone in that sector of work. I've a varied connection with him through the 70's and 80's. He's now Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham amongst other duties. It's just that I drove past Expierians building today and noticed its actually called 'The Sir John Peace Building', and wondered if in 50 years time as the building is being demolished people will be questioning who he was.
  7. I'm useless at street names (would make a fortune as a taxi driver!) But I've just checked, I've definitely got the right place.
  8. I should just save time and ask you direct then.
  9. Thanks. How do you manage to keep coming up with links??
  10. Anybody know of the hidden wartime building just next to the garage on watnall rd ? It was featured on George Clarke's tv programme. Did it ever get renovated? Just interested in it as I think about it every time i drive past the entrance.
  11. Anybody heard of Sir John Peace ? You should have.
  12. Back on to Birdcage. I worked a few Saturdays in the 80's at a shop called 1860 (clothing and shoes), I'm sure it was dead opposite the place. ?
  13. Whose number was 482482? Seem to remember Richard Briers doing the voice over.... "elephant, double elephant, half an elephant, twice". Also, been mentioned earlier, but the Coldseal Windows songs by a group that sounded like the wurzles. Seemed to have a new song every single week.
  14. Didn't realise we were talking about the same shop, although different premises.
  15. Ok. Just feel I missed out on that short era.
  16. Hi, I can only claim to going there 75 - 80.
  17. The way councils seem to think it beneficial to queuing traffic to have 1 lane going to 2 from traffic lights and back to 1 again and so on, so as to create a drag strip then a bottleneck etc. The perfect recipe for road rage.
  18. How about, tyre skid marks on roads (with the exception of hgv burst tyres) But B roads, what with the invention of ABS and TC on cars, you don't get the screeches anymore.
  19. Black and white Ford cortina taxis Green council vans Blue 3 wheel disable cars.
  20. I know. It was tongue in cheek. Sorry.
  21. Or on foot patrol anywhere? Still, we got Community Officers now instead.
  22. White 'jam sandwich' ambulances. I can't tell the difference sometimes between the new style green and yellow ones and a Morrison's delivery van!
  23. Silver metal dustbins that were nye on impossible to move when only half full but somehow the old dustman could throw a full one over his shoulder.
  24. Patches that your mum sewed onto worn out areas of your jeans, although nowadays you pay extra to buy jeans with holes already ripped into them?!!