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  1. Hi, I am the ginger haired boy called Nick, the guy Brian from Clifton was into rugby. There was a blonde girl I vaguely remember who got.....that thing where you go yellow so they gave her Chicken Supreme. I remember Doctor Arkle and the rest of the gang. The Nurse Bishop and Sister Tinsley took us all down to.....Mansfield Road and I was allowed to go into a travel agents to ask the name of the plane in the window, politely. The young man told me it was a Coronada but he was so abrupt and ostentacious, I really thought he would disappear up his own -rse any second. The rude - - - -! Sister Tinsley didn't like him either.
  2. Hiya Mate,

    Your mum's place - the Gables is on the corner on Sherwood Rise backed on to Ebury Road - you can Google Map it.

    It is now a care home called Acacia Care Home(s) Hope this helps.

  3. Sorry, that was the 70's .
  4. Anyone work here like me?
  5. Hi does anyone remember him? I was there, I am Nick, it was 1961/2/3 He was the best ever Teacher in the world. His class loved him, he let pupils learn. The headmaster was ssooo jealous of him and everyone else because he was a grouchy old ---- and never did anything except press the buttons in his office marked "Wait/Enter" Probably, the worst headmaster in history. I thought Mr Curtis went to West Bridgeford...?
  6. I was there. I thouht kelly had a hard time. I left to go back to school. I miss Janice, Veronica and Mark. We are all 60 + now. I've had a pretty cool life. Just come out of open heart surgery about a month ago and it really puts a telescope on your future lol. But hey - here we all are. By the way - I love the way they ask us questions at the beginning of joining here - like, only a Nottingham person would know the answer. Nick.