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  1. Just to clarify: The framesmith is directly opposite Victoria Cottage (the big one) and Broomhill Cottages are on the same side as the framesmith between the two big tree areas, opposite the cottages at right angles to the road. I can't remember if they had a name.
  2. I lived in one of the Broomhill Cottages on Nottingham Road, Hucknall from 1937 to 1970 and a few doors away was the framesmiths - a workshop where the shawl knitting frames were manufactured and repaired. The last remaining framesmith I met was Sylvester Smith who was very old (this was around the 1940's) and had a big white beard, looking like George Bernard Shaw! The workshop became Tom Bailey's motor repair garage in the 50's and I helped to clear out all the knitting frame components and tools when he moved in, these items would be priceless for the frame restoration people today b