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  1. Wonder how many others are having problems accessing and moving around Nottstalgia?
  2. loppylugs: I feel your pain, pleased it's not just me, hope someone can help you.
  3. Aide Memoire to self: always read what I have typed before pressing send. Carnie: apologies for giving you a bum steer, the light you saw was Venus, at the moment at the height of it's eight year cycle. I have no idea why I typed Uranus. A definite short circuit somewhere in my wiring. I did read an article a few days ago about Uranus, but who knows? I don't.
  4. Seems to be tickety boo at the moment, my gremlins are having a night off.
  5. Carnie:. Are you looking in roughly the direction of the setting sun? If so I think you are looking at Uranus.
  6. Beekay: . Brew: . Thank you for your input. Cliff Ton: . Radford Red: . Cliff Ton:. My problem only appears on Nottstalgia. Whilst annoying, it's not the end of the World.
  7. Read an article by an undertaker in Italy. Bit grim. Maybe Nonna can confirm or deny its authenticity. With talk about emergency workers, we tend to forget about undertakers. Apparently, there are no funerals taking place in Italy. The dead are placed in a coffin as they die, no cleaning/applying makeup etc, sometimes if relatives ask for specific clothes to be put on the deceased, these are placed on top of the body. No redressing allowed. No items can be placed in the coffin. Relatives are not allowed viewing or their goodbyes. ( probably in quarantine anyway. ) . The undertaker takes the coffin to a priest in the boot of a car, opens boot, priest carries out his duties, then off to crematorium. Is this our future? Undertakers are becoming prey to the virus which is causing another problem. Difficult times. People like and want to say goodbye. Funerals in this country are limited to five people including the person taking the service. Close family only.
  8. Brew: it's a mark IV . Radford Red: forgot about that reset. Did as instructed. Cliff Ton: unable to answer as I only post in Nottstalgia. Not off to a good start, couldn't get in initially. Got the dreaded black circle before I could sign in. Am here now, but for how long?
  9. Am unable to do that Beekay as its locked. Only way is to completely restart from scratch. Am hoping this message will post. If it doesn't, I will have to respond at a later date. I use an Apple I pad.
  10. Seem to be having a few issues, if I make a comment in a thread, I am unable to make another, either in the same thread or another one. Unable to give a like to someone else's as well. The screen will go blank, then return to the page but the writing is now feint and the screen is locked. A black circle appears in the middle and spins for ever and a day. Only way to clear is to delete everything in safari and start again. Sometimes having to wait a couple of days before I can post. Any ideas? Am using an I pad. Also when trying to sign in, I get a fault has occurred and a page number, usually 404.
  11. Letsavago : we find ourselves in the same situation. By rationing, we can eke what we have. My plan is hopefully, in a week or so, the idiotic imbeciles that masquerade as members of the human race will have locked themselves into whatever bolt hole they find themselves in, gleefully rejoicing in their selfish behaviour bu££ering those who think about others. Sadly, some people would delight in what they've done, thinking how clever they are. What goes around comes around. Like you, we have a conscience, if we had spare items, we would share. Could still do that if we come across someone worse off then we are. After the horse has bolted, it's nice to see the supermarkets now bringing in rationing. Why couldn't this have been carried out in the beginning? People say " why don't you order on line?" To answer that, if you are lucky enough to place an order, you won't receive it until April. Wouldn't be surprised if the hoarders are getting items on line as well. I still think there's a fair amount of profiteering taking place. The internet providers could do more by taking down a lot of the maleficent junk relating to this epidemic. There is a lot of lets panic the manure out of people. As an aside, I wonder if people would be fighting over toilet rolls if they were Izal?
  12. Am in total dismay at the human race. It's becoming more like Mad Max at the moment. This me me society we have created cares only about themselves: I'm alright Jack, the rest of you can fornicate off!. Why the supermarkets haven't stopped a lot of this nonesense is beyond me. They have the power to prevent this bulk buying. People limited to when they can shop, are finding they are unable to purchase what they require. Someone working 12 hrs in the NHS isn't able to shop as there's nothing left. Personally I think some of this is down to people selling the items for a profit. How do they afford to purchase at such a level? Where do they store it? Hand sanitiser and toilet roles are being stolen from hospitals. People not having ate for a week fighting over a loaf of bread I understand. Fighting over a pack of toilet roles leaves me dumbfounded and bemused. How some of this shower would have coped with the Black Death or the 1918/19 flu epidemic doesn't bear thinking about. We have an excellent NHS and modern medicine practices on our side. Just needs a bit of thought for others, which in many cases is found to be lacking. Apparently even food put to one side for food banks is being taken. Sadly, apart from the inevitable deaths that are occurring, at the end of this, many people won't have a job, employers will have gone to the wall, a recession will follow. Maybe, just maybe, a better world will evolve, I somehow doubt it, but I can dream.
  13. Interesting. The water shown lies between the railway and the sewer, if it is the sewer to Stoke, then it's showing it diving under the railway in the wrong place. It doesn't do that until it gets to the Ouse Dyke. My brain hurts. The large houses on Conway Road were built 1883/1885. I think. My mind at the moment is not playing with me. There is an Eric Morecombe sketch with Andre Previn, in which he says: " I am playing all the right notes, not necessarily in the right order." Think that applies to information coming from my memory banks.
  14. Beginning to wonder if it was connected to the building of the bowling green, council housing estate and road. Although this is at odds with what I thought. i either misunderstood what I was told, or my memory is not working. The gardens adjoining the bowling green used to flood on a regular basis until the mid eighties. Sadly, I can no longer ask questions.
  15. AfferGorritt, no problem, think I can manage that.