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  1. Thanks for posting photograph for me Cliff Ton. Taken in 1969 @ Rempstone. Showing a Ploughing Engine converted with an internal combustion engine. Owned at the time by the Beeby family, it did work and was used in anger. Sadly my recollections about it are not to the fore at the moment. I have no idea whether it still exists/or in what form. Thought it might be a nice addition to this thread, for those with interest in this field. I don’t recollect seeing any other steam engines with this modification.
  2. Thanks for posting photo CliffTon. Another Butler Brothers bus from the same period as the other two. It appears to be a half cab chassis with a full body, some were delivered new to their respective owners whilst others were rebodied at a later stage. Butler Brothers carried out services to local pits and may have kept certain buses for this purpose, (speculation on my part,) as @Oztalgianonly remembers travelling on Bedford OB’s. It’s registration number being KRR 316. As they carried out seaside & day trips etc. they probably had a decent fleet. I remembe
  3. Thanks for posting photograph @Cliff Ton. It’s one @Oztalgianwanted to see. Two buses operated by Butler Bros of Kirkby in Ashfield. The main focus is of the Crossley originally fitted with a Henry Street body, however, that has been replaced. There is a Bedford OB to the rear which is the bus @Oztalgianis interested in.
  4. @Newarker : there is a photograph of Henry Street bodied Crossley on e bay. CJL 162 new to Campion of Donnington. The seller is asking £1:99.
  5. Belated birthday wishes @Beekay.
  6. @Oztalgian : I need to recap on what I was doing when I came across it, was looking for something else at the time. I did have the foresight to take a screen shot as it was a bus mentioned in this thread, but am unable to put it onto this forum. Having issues at the moment looking at other photos put up. Some times get a blank space & other times get a blue square with a message telling me the image is currently unavailable. Never say never, see what I can sort out.
  7. Been racking my brains and oiling a few cogs, still awaiting the 3 in one to work. I know Clark’s of Epperstone ran at least one, maybe two dorsal finned coaches. Skills I think also ran one, although not completely sure. I think Makemson’s also ran one, any recollections @Beekay? Robin Hood coaches may also have had a couple.
  8. There is a photograph in existence of Butler Bros KNN 875. However, it has been rebodied, no longer carrying Henry Streets craft work. Interesting if @Oztalgian can remember it. The photograph also shows a OB sticking its nose out from behind it.
  9. Sorry, I appear to be playing catch-up. Had a few issues with this site which now appears to have rectified itself. I like the dorsal fin fitted to Harrington bodywork. Makes them different. It was designed by Harrington to extract stale air from inside the coach as it moved.
  10. @Beekay: ‘tis the season of goodwill! Can’t you donate £20:00 to a charity of your choice if your conscience is troubling you. I don’t do internet banking, pay pal etc. The buses await your decision The trolley bus is not boxed, but the other two are.
  11. @Beekay : no cost. I just need your address.
  12. @Beekay: if you would like one or both of those Corporation liveried buses, PM your address and I’ll get them winged across to you. (Trolley bus & rear platform bus)
  13. Think Ellerslie House used to be a wounded service mens home. Not sure it would have been used for maternity purposes. Could have the wrong building. The building mentioned by @philmayfield may have been a hotel, however, I could be wrong. There was definitely a home for wounded service men Mansfield Road end of Gregory Boulevard.
  14. The house was apparently built for the doctor/surgeon who ran the dispensary. Whether that was still the situation when @Beekayturned up, I cannot say. Maybe there were complications with the birth and that’s why @Beekayarrived where he did. It was wartime so many occurrences happened in a different way. Family rumours can be misleading at times, a mixture of fact and fiction accruing over time. Whatever the outcome, be yourself, once here, the only certainty is death, it’s what happens in between that matters. I don’t know. Kick start an old thread and @Beekay gets a
  15. As All Hallows’ Eve approaches:
  16. Have posted this song before, but not with this video.
  17. @Beekay: As an edit to previous post: EFE 18015 is another version: 49 NAU showing 40 Wilford Road & with Home Ales advert. 3 of the main toy dealers don’t have either in stock. One on e bay but seller wants £35:00 for it. They are out there. At least two have gone through Arthur Johnson’s recently.
  18. @Beekay: EFE 18006 Daimler Fleetline Park Royal, Nottingham City Transport livery. 61 NAU showing 99 Trent Bridge. Hope this helps. Any chance you could pm me?