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  1. @Jill Sparrow:- as you have read about the blood line of Jesus, have you looked at The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci? The disciple sat to the right of Jesus looks very effeminate, however, I may need to see an optician. Your post re The Holy Grail seems to have disappeared! @Oztalgian:- a rousing song, once sung everywhere, now an element of our society are trying to have it banned. Along with many traditions from our childhoods. Allegedly based on t
  2. @Jill Sparrow :- Romantics have the blood line of Jesus as the Holy Grail. He is reputed to have sired a daughter. At some point being brought to The Dragon Isles, ( now known as Great Britain/Albion) as an infant. Later, allegedly moving to a remote part of France.
  3. I have seen Phil Mayfield…………From whom do I collect my prize?
  4. Could it be ‘Institute of Advanced Nursing’? Alternatively ‘ Advanced Nursing Institute’? You are looking at a great grandparent or one of their siblings for the year 1905. Also for that date you are more likely to be looking for a spinster as nursing was more of a vocation.
  5. Nothing wrong with your memory. Spot on with Petts. and yes, I also went to Chandos although you had left before I arrived to serve my sentence.
  6. @Messy Hessey: a quick reply. The row of houses where you lived were originally in Colwick. The old boundary being where Charworth Road was built to take road traffic over the railway. West of that was Colwick. The railway station was also built on Colwick land and the boundary was the northern edge of the cinderpath running alongside the railway until you reach Arthur Street where it merges with the tarmac. The bottom end of Netherfield was also Colwick. Even as late as the Great War, house address’ in that part gave Colwick as their address. A little side story: the western bank of C
  7. @loppylugs: just read your post about living on Willow Road, it’s likely our paths crossed at some point in the early sixties, as I lived in the middle of where you lived and worked.
  8. @Beekay: to answer your query. After the 1792 enclosure act, land was divided up mainly between the Nobility and the Church. The two Lords of the Manor in this instance being the Earl of Chesterfield and Charles Pierrepont. from North to South there was already in existence a carriage/bridle path leading to the river Trent. Heading West off this path was another public bridle road heading towards Nottingham via Colwick. The former became known as the Nether Field lane. As the route through Colwick was less arduous than going over Carlton Hill, most travellers took the low
  9. Welcome @Messy Hessey: will answer your queries when am not so banjaxed, also @Beekay: will explain your query also. It might take a while as after swimming under the radar for years, the buggers have hooked me!
  10. @Beekay: The pony was only showing you who was in charge. Does your safety lamp still work? Might need it if we have power cuts. Has it been decorated with flowers? It could have been worse. Before safety lamps, some brave soul would crawl along the floor with a lighted candle on the end of a long stick. Once an explosion had occurred he had to get up quick to avoid some residual gas before it suffocated him. (Sadly I don’t remember the correct terminology.) Wonder what the life expectancy was
  11. @Beekay: if I wore a cap, I would doff it. As I don’t, I’ll touch my forelock.
  12. @Beekay : a bit before your time, unless you’re Dorian Grey!
  13. Beekay might recognise this place:
  14. Sabine Baring-Gould, did he not write about Werewolves? Some rusty door in the recess of my mind has allowed a glimmer of light to enter.( Or not.)
  15. @Oztalgian: Tried to upload that video at the same time and failed, however, you managed it.
  16. @Beekay: he’s an ex miner. He has the tee shirt. In my opinion, this is the best version of any that I have listened to. @Oztalgian: thanks for reposting Down the Medders, it seems to have disappeared along with a few others previously posted. (Some of the rubbishier ones are still there, that’s life, I guess.)
  17. Whilst the song isn’t about Nottingham. It is relevant and filmed in Nottinghamshire.