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  1. Who remembers Moor Farm Inn? Very recently some friends of mine were reminiscing about Moor Farm Inn and seeing Judas Priest at the Gun Deck ! I never saw Judas Priest, but as a teenager I used to manage the Gun Deck on a Saturday night. I was at Bilborough Grammar at the time. Two bars... the slops were collected at the end of the night and added to Double Diamond kegs to make ‘mild’. One customer ordered three double brandies with Stones ginger. I made them, turned around and the customer was gone. I had to drink them myself. Lovely! Edwyn St
  2. Yep. I wiped my feet on the way out too! Seven hateful years. I shudder even now to think of what I went through. I don't say any of this to show off, but as a matter of record... I left with four Os and no As. Then got a B.A. Hons 2.1. Then worked in central London for a few years, directing and producing a good few world-famous actors and actresses, and a good sprinkling of DJs and celebrities (back when celebrities actually deserved the title!). Then ran my own comms business, working in many disparate countr
  3. Don't bother - it's online somewhere on a tripod site. The old fool thinks he's Mr Chips. In truth he was a vertically-challenged bully with chips on both shoulders. I can't imagine there was a worse grammar school, with so many dull, boring, colourless, clock-watching teachers.
  4. I had the ‘pleasure’ of working at D&P as a Saturday job. It was like Grace Brothers. Frank was the old guy, the suede head was the youngster, can’t remember his name. Then there was the lady who sat in the cash booth near the front door. Boys’ dept to the left, girls’ to the right. I was forever ever packing and unpacking shirts and jumpers in their cellophane packaging when mummies wanted their little angels to try on half a dozen different ones before deciding. Lunch and and tea breaks were in the rat-infested basement. I got got sacked