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  1. Hi Woody, My first car there was a Bond 3 wheeler with a 250cc villiers on the front wheel, great fun to drive if a bit slow it was red, after I was made redundant I went to Bancrofts on Roden St as a sewing m/c mech, eventually was chief mechanic at Speedo in Gedling and Bobbers mill, now retired but Voluntyeering at Papplewick Pumping Station.
  2. Yep served my apprenticeship at H.M.B.C. Bell st, Peter Valentine Heron was my forman another name I remember was Tom Charleton, worked my way through the factory, most memorable was the hardening shop, the blacksmith taught me how to do scrolls etc and we used to case harden components in molten cyanide pots, he used to keep his chips hot on the side of em. Soon after Stibbe took over Monks I was made redundant just as I had completed my apprenticeship and was due to go out installing the M/c's.