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  1. Hi, apologies for deserting you. Life took over for a few days, then we had family staying, and then my Aunt went away for a break so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. I sent my Aunt a link to this thread. She read some of it, then started to tell me her memories, I’ve tried to encourage her to post to you directly and was hoping that she had done when I logged on this afternoon - but unfortunately not. Nevermind, I hope everyone is well. Take care, Mandie
  2. Hi Jill, I’m afraid I have very little knowledge of Leybourne other than visiting my grandparents. My mum and her sisters were all born there and it was my Aunts responses I posted, but I’ll send her a text and ask her if she remembers a Dickson family. Take care, Mandie
  3. Hello, Thank you for your reply Benjamin, and thank you for the welcome DJ. Both are really appreciated. I spoke to my Aunt, Mum’s sister, this morning and she maintains that the majority of Leybourne was finished just before the war and her family moved there in 1940. I was hoping to discover if the family had been the first tenants and she says they were. I realise this prompts the question why didn’t I just ask her in the first place, but she hasn’t been very well and I don’t like to keep bothering her. I was telling her about this thread and reading some
  4. Hi, Thank you for the welcome. My Mum was Carol Hinsley, her Mum and Dad were George, known as Steve, and Elizabeth, known as Betty. Mum had two younger sisters. Unfortunately Mum died in 98 so I am unable to ask her if she remembers you. Take care, Mandie
  5. Hello, Apologies if I’m not doing this correctly, but I was searching online for information about Bestwood Estate, and Leybourne Drive in particular, when this thread popped up. I’ve just read it from the beginning, and to be fair it’s probably been the most productive part of my day so far. I’m not sure if anyone will be able to help me, but the information I was looking for is basically when Leybourne Drive was built. My grandparents were married in Jan 1943 and on their marriage certificate my grandmothers address is Leybourne Drive, and that was their marital home.