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  1. Yes I remember all three now Smith was headmaster , then we had Mr Norfolk ( pop off ) miss downhill , miss baker .
  2. I recall having T.B. test at school only to find shortly afterwards I had to go FOREST DENE for x- Ray's etc , i recall a DR ROBERTS and i was having to go there a fair bit . I eventually was admitted to the ( RANSOM SANITORIUM for T.B ) I was only 14 at the time , because my grandmother had had T.B. and I was a close contact and had to undergo tests to find out what was wrong with me. I was put on a women's ward as to old for children's ward , I only saw my mum 1 day a week as I was the eldest of 8 . The tests really frightened me in particular this one , BRONCHOSCAPY , as I
  3. TMS are still there, bought a 3TA Triumph from there in Nov 68 for £79 !
  4. Anyone from LONDON NORTH WESTERN TERRACE , NETHERFIELD . I remember walking past the sidings to take my children to school . Miss the old place .