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  1. Have 1949 photo of mellish pupils and staff. call t.glover1@ntlworld.com for a copy
  2. In the early 1960s I rode my Vincent Shadow to Beeston. Outside a shack on Stoney Street was a Triumph "Thunderbod" with the headlamp in bits. I spoke to the man piggling with the wiring and offered to help. We soon repaired it and off it went. I realised this was an escape from coronation street at home so I began to spend all my spare time repairing the bikes and scooters that were in those days either fast or nearly scrap . Mr T R Muir (7R rider) and I ran this emporium for many years until it was torn down for redevelopment. Is there any body out there?? SPIDER.
  3. Margie remember Mick Horey am sourcing the school pikky for the date will post when found Terry
  4. In 1950 some of the mellish staff were Mr Houston head) T E Smith (english) `Froggy Marshall (french)`Boddy(woodwork) Newitt Clark Swaby George Edward Goodall (maths&Magistrate!) Moaner Jones (french &singing) Evans (art) The school was affected by mine subsidence so you didn`t lean on the wall when the punishment parade occurred (outside the staff room at playtime) for fear of it falling ---there was a 2"gap in it! I finally escaped in Jan 1952---forgot all I had learnt--and made a successful career in phones and mining communications . Terry (ex international sidecar racer)
  5. Aye were traipsin abart like a brokken winded pessimire (Bramcote) please translate if tha can!
  6. 1948 does anyone remember George Edward Goodall? you should if you were there!