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  1. Hi Tony, thanks for that. Even after all these years it’s nice to be remembered. Did you and your family live on Beauvale Road? i see you are Located In Derbyshire, just got back from the Peak District, our youngest daughter lives there, a nice part of the country. Are you in touch with any other TBB? i hope life as been good to you. John.
  2. I remember the four house teams we were put in, mine was Lake, the others if I remember correctly were Bosworth, Pearson and Laws. They we’re named after four first world one soldiers killed, not sure if they were local. i know the School were used as a hospital during both world wars and that there were a air raid shelter in the play grounds. More memories to follow ( hopefully).
  3. I’ve still got that photo, I’m third from the right on the front row seated. I see John Goodfellow, Terrence Tunally, Tony Payne to but a few, will have to get my thinking cap on again, Alan Hall was great at maths if I remember correctly.
  4. Hi everyone, just found this site. My name is John Cooksey, I attended TBS for boys from 1959 = 1963. Was in the A stream for two years then I entered the B stream for the last two years. i have many memories to share with you, starting with the TB bump when I first started at the the school. Dose anyone remember Michael Abbot who managed to get himself impaled on the railings, the teachers rushing over to lift him off. The good old days hey. Take care all, John