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  1. Hi all From joining this forum and Ann Swabey’s help, I now have one definite new brother and 2 more possibles, and possible Sister. I would have been happy with a photograph, I have 12. Also my Father was I’m told steward of the Variety club in the 50’s with his then wife Audrey. He had an off licence on Radford rd before the Variety. After the Variety he and his wife managed the Sherwood Rooms. I will post more later. A big thank you to Ann and David w.
  2. Hi Jill Thanks for this, I have sent for a birth certificate and a marriage certificate concerning a Ken Clarke who is a good probable. At the end of the day I just want a photograph. There are people I’m sure who know my Dad, I want nothing but a picture, I don’t want to disrupt your life, I don’t want money, I want nothing but a picture. I would be forever grateful. vic.
  3. I am. Do you have any info on probable Sister
  4. Hi Mary I would love you to ask Shirley
  5. Hi Lizzie Was that in the Tidal Thames story.?
  6. Hi All 3 towers had to be abseiled and surveyed, it was very hot on the first drop, my descender got to hot with rope passing through it, and seized, bottled water was lowered down to me to cool it. The rest of the drops had to be done early morning. Health and safety was pretty poor in Kuwait. On the main tower with the large globe which is a revolving restaurant the Iraqis had tied their flag to the metal discs, I cut the flag down. We were invited that night to the Bayan palace for a meal.
  7. If you google Vic Clarke Kuwait water towers, bit of a write up. A Central news/camera team went over with us, went over there 5 times including Jeddah.
  8. Started life on the high seas.
  9. A bit about myself. 76 years old, still working. Premises manager for an Architectural practice in Nottingham. Was a commercial diver working off shore. I was in Kuwait 90/91 carrying out abseiling surveys. I abseiled the Kuwait water Towers among other high structures.
  10. Thank you, my birth certificate does show the army reference and indeed storekeeper.
  11. I am totally gobsmacked with all this, a very big thank you all for this input.
  12. Hi Mary I would love for you to ask Shirley, I would be so grateful. My email is thank you Mary.
  13. Thank you Mary, I will do that tonight.