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  1. On 8/15/2008 at 3:09 PM, Shaz said:

    Ahh the Sandpiper,the good days...

    appar the singer ( Mark) from Some Chicken died a while ago,something to do with heart probs :mellow:

    I held a couple of my bday parties down there and had the Drains and Some Chicken play,that was fun times..

    i remember the floor used to be covered in spit near the stage and also remember a guy called Mark Marshall who i think played in a band and had this thing for eating glass( with blood pouring from his mouth) and cutting his arms and chest to ribbons with it,i wonder where he is now..

    i reckon if there was ever a fire no one wouldve got out alive lol

    I knew Mark Marshall well, the band were called controlled chaos my mate Pete Moss was lead singer, Robbo guitar Hodgo drums and of course Mark bass he thought he was the next Sid . I still see Mossy and Robbo , it’s well over 40 years now