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  1. Cliff many thanks I really appreciate it - now I can show my children I didn't dream it. Cheers
  2. I have been trying find one Phil but as yet unsuccessful.

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    2. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      CT will dig something up. He's the images genius!

    3. kenbob22


      My children think I have dreamed it up !!!! :wacko:

    4. Stuart.C


      How about this, I suspect it was probably removed due to the Tram works as the overhead support cables are higher than the bottom of the bridge


      First picture shows a structure leading away from the Royal Hotel, now called the Crowne Plaza, aiming at the windows in the Conert Hall.




      Second picture, streeview shows where the bridge would have landed.





      And finally, good old Reg Baker, must have forgotten his bike the day he took, this looking out of the Hotel towards the Concert hall along the walkway;



      Looking across from the concert Hall;









  3. I used to go in the Hippo in the mid to late sixties, Carole ran the bar that much I can remember usually stayed till late (or early morning however you want to define it).
  4. From kenbob22. Does anybody remember a walkway over the road ( from Thaetre Royal) into the area where the restaurants were ? Also anyone remember the Hippo ? Cheers