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  1. Thank you so much, you have all been phenomenally helpful. Just following directions and looking up street view I can see it still has a strong village-vibe and you get an impression of it at the time when Grandma was little. Are many of the buildings in Gedling that sort of age/ older?
  2. Thanks so much for the help. I'm afraid all I know is that the Hitching family had moved in by April 2012 (when my Grandma was born). So there would have been Louis Henry and Ada Lily at least. I think his mother, Elizabeth was also there, and maybe a sister or two. They moved out again at some point past- war. I found out that Ada and her newborn died at the address in june/July 1915. I'm really sorry, I don't know anything else. Grandma never wanted to say much about her childhood, but dad vaguely remembers that it was troubled (perhaps relating to her mother passing?). She ran away from home a lot as a young teen, trying to train as a nurse. They let her in early in the end. I was just curious as it seems it was a lovely village and I wondered why Grandma would end up running a cafe on Upper Parliament Street. I really really appreciate your help, Dad and me are planning a trip back (he's Notts to the backbone, really) and we want to try to understand Grandma a bit better. She died of dementia about 20 years ago and was a very popular, lively lady before that. We still miss her. (The directions from HSR are genius- I've got an old map and will be checking it out ) Thanks again, you lovely people!
  3. Hi, I'm not from Nottingham, but my dad is. He still does the accent when he gets excited! I'm trying to find out a bit about my Grandma and her childhood because she was always a bit vague about it, even to dad. I know she was born in Gedling, but the address given on all official documents was simply Rosa Villa Gedling R.D. Just wondering where that would have been, given there's no road name, and if it still exists now. The family were there in 1911, I'm not sure when exactly they moved out. There was some big family tragedy there in 1915 that I'm still finding out about... Thanks so much for any help you can offer!