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  1. Hi. I was in Mr (Paul) Harris’s class for my last two years as Brooksby - Mr Harris was the coolest teacher (very casually dressed) to have and we were so lucky he moved up with us for our last year, hence we had him for 2 years. By then he was deputy head. We were in larger of the two annex buildings that survived the fire but were demolished later. It was It was during my last year during the Easter holiday of 1984 that the school building arson attack occurred. We were promptly moved to the mothballed Greencroft Infant building. It was not large enough and for my final primary school term our classroom was the hall. Other teachers of my time were Mrs Bennett, Mr Higson, Miss Bramford, Miss Winn, Miss Welsh, Mrs Simpkin (drove an Austin Maxi), Mrs Richards (infants yr 1) and Mr Atkin. The latter was replaced by Mr Harris. The head teacher secretary was Mrs Esden and the caretaker was Mr Mayfield who lived with his wife in the house within the school premises next to the gates. The head teacher when I started was Mrs Harrison who retired a few years later, replaced my Miss Joss, who I remembered brought her Labrador dog to school called Charlie, and he would wee in the corridors. She never had the gravitas of Mrs Harrison and was eventually succeeded by Paul Harris (after I left) I did pump into Paul Harris about 10 years later and he remembered me. Would be fantastic to contact him again. Kevin Matthews 07804 906834