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  1. Not sure, Mess. I don't recall Muriel and I'm hazy about your pals but it was 50+ years ago!
  2. Well, what a site for sore eyes! I’m John Leadbeater (aka ‘Lead’) and attended Claremont between 1959 and ’64. I think it was an excellent school in many ways. Small enough for the masters (there were no women) to make a difference to some of us who had been resistant to being educated, but with some strange philosophies. Jack Aram was on the whole a good Headmaster but maybe not very progressive. He had firmly Christian beliefs which he promoted to the exclusion of other religions, and even denied evolution in favour of strict biblical teachings. You always knew where you were with him. He was compassionate and fair, but what an authoritarian! I had represented the school and City at cross country, but he still held a school special assembly to punish three of us for defying him, including a ceremonial reduction from prefect. Happy times though. Corporal punishment was dashed out liberally ‘because it was good for us’ and you had to keep your wits about you to avoid flying blackboard rubbers, rulers etc. Mention has been made of Stevenson, the maths teacher. Unkindly know as Olli Beak after a popular cartoon character with a large nose, he was one of the most well liked and effective to take us. Other progressive and effective teachers were (Charlie?) Lee,- English and Upperdine (aka Up and Down) –Geography, who would take us on many good field trips at a time when other teachers shunned the responsibly. I also remember a Canadian (was it a Mr Graham?), who took the school team on Saturday mornings, cheering us on with enormous enthusiasm even though he knew nothing of football. Reg Leafe, the International Referee, took us for games. I remember him as being the dirtiest player I have ever come across. Can anyone expand on this?