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  1. What was your father's full name also in the petrol box office there use to be George carby filling your tank up and his son Brian worked in the body shop
  2. I was a apprentice with frank giacone around 1963 to 1972 so I would know you unless you worked at traffic st we worked derby road
  3. Yes Bob came from Scotland a small fishing village he went on to leave hooleys and ran a pub in basford I believe he had a new house somewhere on the new estate near Apollo drive Bulwell there we fitted a 1500 got engine in a red cortina gt
  4. I worked from 1962 as a apprentice till 1972 in the next work bay was Frank giacone there was Frank Wright good on automatic cars Edward beers mechanic mic price pat abbot geof hill John grain John Hollingsworth Steve ayes perio giacone Jim white Doug clews forman. Bob darling Barrie altman John the pole John armitage all petro car mechanics bodyshop Charlie bacon Dave Andrews George turton b Bert turton forman trim shop mic Palin cliff and Jeff painters of the lorries and building the backs of them bill peg Bernard Ives and my best mate in them days Ron needam mic cotter. Built his