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  1. Anth Ginn


    Hi Jill, No I don't remember the Hirsts. i remember the Wadsleys (Colin sadly died), the Chawners, and sell as the Johnsons and Underwoods. We moved to Clifton when I was four, in 1954. I left Fairham in 1968 to go to college and never really lived there again. We lived on Brinkhill, between Woodbridge and Shelley Ave.
  2. Anth Ginn


    Ayup Cliff, (am slummin' it) Yes, I'm on Facebook, under my name, "Anthony Ginn."
  3. Anth Ginn


    Cliff, if you lived on Woodbridge maybe you knew Raymond Johnson, who lived at the Brinkhill end, or Robert Underwood, who lived down the other end. There was also a kid who lived in the middle, who was crazy about Subuteo soccer. He created a whole division and had teams playing each other for the season. He may have been called "Stach'". Someone told me he even did transfers. We used to skate down Woodbrige on our pram wheel trollies, on our way round the block, via Shelley Avenue. How eco-friendly is that?
  4. Anth Ginn


    What years were you there Cliff?
  5. Anth Ginn


    There were three schools at the bottom of Sunninghill, Greencroft Infants, Brinkhill Juniors and Greencroft Juniors. I went to all three.