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  1. If you were at J Jones, did you ever come accross Dave Simpson, From Hucknall..... Absolute legend! Fantastic Panel Guy, I learnt a lot from him.
  2. Hi Ray, do you remember Nigel Gresley, from Kimberley, who was one of the drivers for Hooleys. The was a few People who worked at Hooleys from Kimberley.
  3. Hi Ray, I remember Martin, Pete Cottee, there was Dave Meekin,
  4. Dear Brew, Whilst I appreciate your own opinion, please respect my own opinion and our Families own feelings. In my professional area in Law, I have clients who would take legal action to such liable acts. The mention of the named and area, where the named persons live, are far out of the sites own parameters and Mick to me / web site, has left them selves wide open to litigation. Lighthearted and jocular / Banter, can be and is at times offensive, victimisation, deemed as “Bullying” The site has sold its self short, where this has not only been written by an administrator of the site, but the comment has been left to be viewed on the World Wide Web. Apart from my own professional capacity, one of my charitable voluntary works are spending time with many former service men, from the 1940’s. Some were found to be, as mentioned as eccentric, however I have come across a lot of People who never really got over there own experiences / scars / illnesses, caused by conflict. Ultimately, it’s an old adage..... The word is Respect.... Many, so called Persons should learn the meaning of the word. Never judge another, unless you has stood in there Shoes. Many Thanks.
  5. Dear All, Things that Pee Me Off. Whilst I love this website and I find a lot of the topics, both educational and interesting, from a historic back ground, I was very distressed to find a comment about eccentrics! Especially when it concerned my own Grandfather! Mick to Me, wrote a comment (Mad as a Parrot) in 2009 about Freddy Wigley, who was an old Joiner at the Co-Op, in 1970, this was when Mick to me, was an Electrician. For information, Frederick Wigley was a member of the Pioneer Corp, who took part in the allied landings of 1944. Fred, was quite a humble and private person, who cared a lot about his Family and never really mentioned much about his time, whilst serving his Country and defending his Family. Fred, had three other Brothers, who also served. One of which gave the ultimate sacrifice in Italy, which deeply affected him. I personally give thanks to Fred (Granddad) and all the Wigley’s who did there bit. This also includes all the past Service Men & Ladies. Thank you all. Still Love you Grandad. Fred, Past Away, Peacefully on the 14th February 1997, he had been unwell for some time, but had kept it secret from the Family, due to the fact he had been nursing his very ill Wife, Edith, who only past away some months before him. Mick to Me and any others, please do not write offensive articles and do not use direct names. The power Of The internet can allow text to be read for generations to come. As an administrator, you should know better, please abide by the rules that are set by the websites forum.
  6. Old Freddy Wigley! Came from a Family of Farming / Boxers from Strelly. Yes, he finished his Joinery Working Career at the Co-Op and I know he belted your ear a few times. He was a good Boxer in the 30's and he taught me a lot. If you would like to meet up, I can give you a slap for your Cheek! You were never any good as a Spark or you wouldn't have worked at the Co-Op, no one really worked there, they just took the Money!
  7. Ashie........... I remember George Carby. Dad, loved working there. As you would know, there was quite a few personalities that works up Derby road.
  8. My late father worked in the Parts Department, and was very close friends with Bob & Charlotte Darling, as was my mum. My Aunty Liz & Uncle Dave also work there. As a Child I spent a lot of time in and around the Garage. Waiting for Dad to clock off beside the Petrol Kiosk, where Bernice “Four Star” managed the Pumps. Dad, had very fond memories of friends and going into the Hand and Heart Public House. Bob and my Dad, sat and had a drink with Windsor Davis, of “It ain’t half hot mam” when he was appearing in Pantomime. There was also a minor bird, that used to swear a lot! My Dad, got me a old Yellow Raleigh Chopper, which was rebuilt and got resprayed in Purple Velvet, the exact same Colour as his Mk3 Cortina, very happy times. He later moved with a few of his friends to Cowies on London Rd, after Hangers was taken over. Hooleys was a RS Dealership and had there own racing team at one point, it was also the first Dealership to have one of the First Ford Sierra Cosworth In the Showroom.