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  1. Thanks again for the newspaper database link DavidW. I have stumbled across some fab information so far. It turns out that the Eagle Works were the first port of call for many First World War Belgian refugees. Really interesting stuff, and at present I have high hopes there might be a photograph out there somewhere.
  2. Thanks Cliff, that's really interesting as my studio windows actually look out onto Barrowcliffes fruit and veg factory! On the alcohol theme, I've just come across this Golden Eagle Works Nottingham Ale Bottle from Hart and Co. BUT could this be a massive red herring?!
  3. Thank you so much David, this is really great info! Off to Google Tom Browne! How might I go about finding the adverts? I'd love a picture of the Grover and Black / Grover and Co info... Groves is my last name and Grover was a school nickname so I'm feeling a connection there!
  4. Hello Nottstalgia Members :) My name is Ali and I currently hold a studio at Nottingham City Artists, part of the old Eagle Works building on the corner of Hooton Street and Carlton Road. This part of the building has been used as artist studios since the late 1990’s, but I’m wondering if anyone has information on the origins of the factory or use of the building before this time. I’d love to know more about it. I’ve found a couple of older pictures of the outside online, but I’m having trouble delving any deeper. My best guess is a former textile or lace factory, with potentially