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  1. Yes I remember his name, and him escaping and a local vicar asking my sisters the name of the dog that they were looking for. I spent many happy hours at The Masons, most people that ventured through the doors did, Edna wasn't always the easiest person to live with but then neither am I, it's sad that the building was demolished and replaced with the soulless facade that now stands in its place, but then, if it was still there and operating as a pub, it would not be the same, it was the people that made it what it was, both behind the bar and in front of it. I can imagine that after having the run of the place for so many years that it would almost be like a dream where things aren't quite right, it would have been nice to show my wife as she often hears us talking about the place.
  2. It was John and Richard, John didn't really serve there but Elizabeth, his wife did on a Saturday night, Richard was my dad, he died in 1987, Edna died ten years later in 1997. I moved from Nottingham in the early 90's. Edna was a real special person, unfortunately, as a young tearaway, I never realised just how special, if we could bring one member of our family back, it's pretty much unanimous between 'the grandchildren' that Edna would be the one. Arthur, our grandad was a great bloke too, I always remember cleaning up his 1960 zephyr MK2 and turtle waxing it as a kid, stood on a pub stool to reach the roof and him standing on the pub steps smiling and admiring the job and saying "If a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing well". I know that this reply is very late but it's the first time that I have seen the post. Unfortunately, pubs like the Mason's arms are rare, then, and even more so now, but we have some great memories of the place, the boxing day wedding anniversary parties and customary late night lock ins that were common.