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  1. I attended Rushcliffe Boys Technical Grammar School from 1964-1966. Left with some decent O'levels set me up as an Apprentice Draughtsman at Plessey Telecommunications Beeston. names I remember: John Pilkington, Andy Sinclair and two other guys called Zipser and Roper. We are all 70yr this year (2020).
  2. We as a family moved to Cotgrave in 1965, I was 15yrs old, My dad (Jimmy Milburn) worked at the Colliery from 1965 - 1983 as a Fitter. He was the Chairman (Manager) of Cotgrave Miners Welfare Football team in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I knew many of his friends, Don Parsons, Norman White, Billy Repper. Maybe some still alive who remember him?
  3. I remember my first visit to the Brit. It was summer 1967, I was just 17yrs old. After a couple of pints with my mates at the TBI .....owooch ....2/6d ! for a pint of Double Diamond (usually 1/10d at the local; Just thought...was that legal? ....anyway, who was bothered in 1967! ) So, I was 'invited' to attend my first club/disco by my more experienced compadres. They led the way, swaggered down the side of the Trent to the 3 greatest clubs to ever exist, The Boat, Union and the Brit! we approached the Brit. I remember the Motown sound blasting ( 'Take me into your arms and love me" Gladys Knight & the Pips) from two huge Whafedale Speakers positioned outside, each side of the entrance. Never forgot the thrill as the music got louder as we got nearer. Thus began my introduction to the best music Motown/Soul/Blues I ever experienced! Over the next 18 months I was a regular attendee of the Brit with the occasional spin off to the Boat and the Union. I saw Rod with Ronnie, Nice, The Foundations, Jeff Beck, Long John Baldry, Family, P.P.Arnold, John Mayall, Crazy world of Arthur Brown and many others. Now at 70yrs, (2020) ! still remember my 'Mod' days as clear as if I were 17 again! ...........................Great days, great memories