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  1. I was more interested in girls, Motown and beer when I lived in Nottingham.(17-18yrs old). However if this subject is your thing, can I suggest you read 'Hidden Persuaders' by Vance Packard (published in 1957). I read it when I was studying for my ONC at Peoples college. For me it could send a glass eye to sleep, however Brew, DJ360 and others might find it interesting? Vance Packard's book The Hidden Persuaders, about media manipulationin the 1950s, sold more than a million copies. In The Hidden Persuaders, first published in 1957, Packard explo
  2. Now listening to :Anderson East Performing "If you keep leaving me"
  3. Thanks Brew. Will ask my 5yr old granddaughter to help me with that!
  4. So only privileged Apple Mac users can view it??
  5. Sorry Im going to have to figure this out............not technical minded. I'll have to ask my 5 year old granddaughter !
  6. I've already won the lottery: view from my house: Nottingham Mod.heic
  7. Your right! Prices have gone crazy here since Harry met Megan......we even spent £6m doing up an old house for it to stand empty, except for the odd visit to attend funerals!
  8. £10!.. thats cheap, Here in Windsor, before Covid, the indoor carwash charged a minimum of £25..... and no discount for Electric! be fair, that was for a clean inside and outside, they also demand cash........umm..........not a good move during this Covid pandemic!
  9. Thanks! will give it a Blast. 'Thunder Road" brings back memories of when I was 18yr, driving my Ford Thames 5cwt van (with two airbeds in the back..... sold unused!) flat out on the A52 At 57mph, not quite "Thunder Road".........but hey, everything was thrilling at 18yr!
  10. Waiting for bedtime in my dreams, I can talk to facemask-less people, hug my grandkids, plan my Spanish holiday, have a drink inside a pub, stop watching Netflix, switch off the Covid news, ignore the rules, escape boredom ...................and start living again !!!!
  11. I attended Rushcliffe Boys Technical Grammar School from 1964-1966. Left with some decent O'levels set me up as an Apprentice Draughtsman at Plessey Telecommunications Beeston. names I remember: John Pilkington, Andy Sinclair and two other guys called Zipser and Roper. We are all 70yr this year (2020).
  12. We as a family moved to Cotgrave in 1965, I was 15yrs old, My dad (Jimmy Milburn) worked at the Colliery from 1965 - 1983 as a Fitter. He was the Chairman (Manager) of Cotgrave Miners Welfare Football team in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I knew many of his friends, Don Parsons, Norman White, Billy Repper. Maybe some still alive who remember him?
  13. I remember my first visit to the Brit. It was summer 1967, I was just 17yrs old. After a couple of pints with my mates at the TBI .....owooch ....2/6d ! for a pint of Double Diamond (usually 1/10d at the local; Just thought...was that legal? ....anyway, who was bothered in 1967! ) So, I was 'invited' to attend my first club/disco by my more experienced compadres. They led the way, swaggered down the side of the Trent to the 3 greatest clubs to ever exist, The Boat, Union and the Brit! we approached the Brit. I remember the Motown sound blasting ( 'Take me into your arms and love me" Gla