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  1. I attended Rushcliffe Boys Technical Grammar School from 1964-1966. Left with some decent O'levels set me up as an Apprentice Draughtsman at Plessey Telecommunications Beeston. names I remember: John Pilkington, Andy Sinclair and two other guys called Zipser and Roper. We are all 70yr this year (2020).
  2. We as a family moved to Cotgrave in 1965, I was 15yrs old, My dad (Jimmy Milburn) worked at the Colliery from 1965 - 1983 as a Fitter. He was the Chairman (Manager) of Cotgrave Miners Welfare Football team in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I knew many of his friends, Don Parsons, Norman White, Billy Repper. Maybe some still alive who remember him?
  3. I remember my first visit to the Brit. It was summer 1967, I was just 17yrs old. After a couple of pints with my mates at the TBI .....owooch ....2/6d ! for a pint of Double Diamond (usually 1/10d at the local; Just thought...was that legal? ....anyway, who was bothered in 1967! ) So, I was 'invited' to attend my first club/disco by my more experienced compadres. They led the way, swaggered down the side of the Trent to the 3 greatest clubs to ever exist, The Boat, Union and the Brit! we approached the Brit. I remember the Motown sound blasting ( 'Take me into your arms and love me" Gla