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  1. Hi. If you get my books. 'Images of England - Radford' and 'Nottingham Through Time', both of them have Raleigh Social Club and Athletic Club location information in them. You can order from Amazon. Best wishes Chris Richards
  2. Is the Greasy Lil building still there?
  3. Has anybody got any memories of the old Ainsley Estate? I lived there till 1994, saw an old neighbour this afternoon and he said it has gone downhill.
  4. Hey chaps if you like my stuff I have a new book coming out on 23 Nov - Nottingham Through Time, published by Amberley. Loads of images of 80s Nottingham on there. Be sure to stock up for Christmas! CR
  5. Oh the Greek was great. They did a great doner and chips, You could also walk into the place from Victoria Street and go out the other side into Pelham Street. We used to go in the Bodega first, then the Corn Exchange, Prince Albert, Corner Pin (always full of codgers), and walk back to the Greek before going to the Palais. Happy days
  6. We always went to the Skylark on Alfreton Road, opposite Boden Street. Flock wallpaper, and a super hot Chicken Vindaloo. And great coffee afterwards. I can remember it being quite cheap as well. This would be about 1978-79.
  7. Does anyone remember a cafe called Greasy Lils that was somewhere near the Vic Centre bus station? I can remember going there, drunk, on several Friday nights for greasy fry ups at 3 in the morning, but where was the place? Can anyone remember?
  8. Hi Stu. We were there at the Rock City Futurist Evening when it first opened. Some girl handed us tickets in Langtreys and me and my mate Paul Fillingham went down, It was like a freak show - we were in our element. The first night was a bit quiet, but after a few months every exhibitionist in Notts had crawled out of the closet and was down there. We can remember the plastic glasses (we always drank Red Witch (cider, pernod and black), and normal guys in suits, shirts and ties applying eye-liner in the toilets. The video wall always played Bauhaus and that song called 'Fish Heads'. There were
  9. The pics are on Waynes MySpace page, so you'l have to ask him! Good Sid story - 'Frog Save The Queen' lol
  10. Theres a load more shots of Gaffa from the late 70s on here: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...;albumId=577889
  11. He's still got The Frog! Yes, he used to call Mick that! We used to annoy John by screaming 'Ey Mazzo' at him from the side of the stage. Wayne once told us a funny tale of being driven to a gig in a van, where the driver had taken Magic Mushrooms!
  12. Wayne is the original undiscovered lyrical talent. I can remember his mum always coming to the gigs at the Imperial, this little old lady standing there with all us lot with spiky hair and leather jackets on.