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  1. Hello, Since I take interest in genealogy, I’m going to write about my family. On my father’s side, I am directly related to the Baker and Siddons families. My late granddad Baker was quite an interesting bloke, his name was Patrick. He did really good drawings whilst he served in the military post-WW2. I have a book of copies of his drawings. I never knew him and my grandmother Mavis in person since they died before I was born. The Bakers originally came from Lincolnshire though, they were quite Lincolnshire-centric. However, after my great grandmother Ellen gave birth
  2. I just happen to be related to the Surgey family, which to my knowledge are a very local family to Arnold, having lived there since the late 1700s.
  3. My father worked at Daybrook Laundry. I don’t exactly remember what role he had though.
  4. Hello everyone, I am YeOldeNottingahamian, I have been living in Notts all me life (Not telling age though!). I take interest in the history of Arnold as it really fascinates me.