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  1. I worked the summers of 1962 and 3, I think, on the night-shift at Blanchards (10 -6). Mostly working on conveyor belt but occasionally on the ovens - that was hot and stressful because you had to keep up or the bread went all over. I remember the foreman had lost a hand in one of the machines - Brian? I think the pay was just under 3s per hour - does that sound right? Happy days!
  2. I still have amongst oddments from my Mother, a receipt for coal from Sidney Amos who lived next door (37). In 1956, 5bags (cwts) cost £1 13s 4d. The other local coal merchant who was on Birkin Avenue, I think, was Merritt - I was at school with the son Joe.
  3. Yes, straight opposite St. Stephen’s church in the grandly-named semi, “Esperance Villas” which my mates from the council estates would make much of! I was recalling how brilliantly off for shops we were, even without venturing on “the Green” (Radford Road): I think every corner of every side street had a shop. Now it has changed dramatically - I haven’t been back since my mother. Died in 2001 - even the Old General now longer exists to be dressed in red gown at Christmas! The Green itself was brilliant for shops.
  4. Fascinating - 70 years ago I used to walk past these factories on the way to Berridge Inf and Jnr schools. I just knew one as the Berridge Aircraft factory and remember they very occasionally put outside a box of (presumably slightly defective) ball-bearings which we used as hi-tech (and very desirable) marbles. Thanks to BigRob for the old streetmap of the immediate area - do you have a source for this and adjacent bits please? What was nice was to be reminded of the names of all those side streets off Bobbers Mill Rd which mostly no longer exist. I remember Nov 5ths, every side street w
  5. Thanks Cliff for the link - that’s next. So far I have only looked up the Berridge Aircraft factory - a cousin was telling me it was a foundry and I thought just an engineering works so onwards with that....._
  6. Thanks Jill. I see I put my first post in the wrong section. No matter - it worked for you! long ago I got a lot of information from Friends Reunited until it got a bit silly! I cannot be bothered with Facebook, etc so this forum may be the place for me.
  7. Greetings to all. a quick biography: lived on Bobbers Mill Road for 1945 to 1963 (0 to 18); went to Berridge Rd Inf. & Jnr school, then Forest Fields Grammar. My parents stayed in Nottingham until they died. I moved around (Birmingham, London, Durham and now Scottish Borders). Like many people, I am currently using this stay-at-home holiday(!) to sort out and label lots of old photos and I’m collaborating with surviving cousins in gathering together memories - so I can see this site might be very useful. JohnS