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  1. Ey up Benjamin , who the f... are you ?yes I worked at Meridian in the CA department , and when miss lovely Irene Thornelly from Foisted Clay and Ward , took over , I stopped being on monthly , changed departments , left , and above all said to myself , sod textiles , of course the most interesting things , were the ladies , I've never got over the fairer sex , well I did in another way , anyway , enough for now .
  2. By machines of modern speed and power , like giants bent their workers to their will. Fabrics are fashioned in the world each hour , and so on
  3. Oh dear , I'm so sorry you had a terrible experience , because my birthday is the first of August , I happened to be the smallest youngest in the class , even the girls were taller than me , and worldly wiser , but some of them were beautiful . Anyway , I went on to be employed , at 'The Lace Research association ' Glaisdale drive , there to be an expert in the manufacture of Leiver's lace , which did me no good whatsoever , apart from prestige . I later had 'Samuel Pepys , Hardy's wine bar , and The old Malt Cross . Ventured from Newark to Malta in a boat ( not mine ) then to the Gr
  4. In my class were the following , Jean Plowright. Valerie Benson , Celia Smith , Colin Bexon , Peter Savage , Michael Bellamy , Tony Slater , Rodney Barker , .....Toole , Eddie Cockeral , we called him Elvis , Joan Clark , sorry I can't remember more. I knitted my own school scarf , as did every one else , my blazer badge was of knitting needles and something else ? . I even knitted a pair of socks using the Griswold machine. Doesn't anyone remember me , I was the class urchin .
  5. Purdylion2@gmail .com I attended what I called Textile school , from 1955 to 1958 There was Mr Bamber , Mrs Jackson ,Mr Ripon, Mr Preston and I've forgotten the rest .