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  1. The information on the school is correct. I was on a school trip to Switzerland around 1958/9. I have group picture . The teachers in the picture are Mr Hufton (English) and Mr Searle. My other teachers were Mr Key (history), Mr Petty (maths), Mr Hales (science). Was very helpful to me. I still have a model of "hear no evil, Speak on evil and hear no evil on my desk". He also helped to start a photographic club. I became an apprentice at the ROF, Nottingham and then transferring to RRE , Malvern to do study electronics. Discipline was well maintained and misbehaviour was not tolerated. I ended
  2. I was borne in 1942 and lived on either both Westdale Lane and Kenrick Road. The flat bit near Westdale Lane. My Grandparents owned a butchers shop call Rogers. It was next door to a shop I think was called Haslams. I remember the Mapperley Tea Gardens but I think it was colloquially call Gilberts. They used to have dances and I remember going to parties as a child. I was searching for the Southern Bank Nursing Home where I was born but it does not appear to exist. Can any one please help with any details. I was a scout in the 105th scout group but I couldn
  3. Hi Does anyone know a dance studio that I went to in the mid fifties? It was on either Exchange Walk or Kings Walk. Nicko