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  1. Crikey, Bill Brazier was in my class! I just about remember him but it's long time ago. Geoff
  2. I attended Henry Mellish grammar school in Bulwell from 1951 to 56. Mr G E Goodall (known to everyone as GEG) was a wonderful maths teacher and if anyone offered a poor answer in class he was often told to 'Take it to Tom Sanderson. He'll have far more use for it than me.' ie it was tripe Geoff
  3. Not as far as I know. I was still at school when I shot at Kimberley, so early 1950s. Dad was disabled so target shooting was one of the few sports he could participate in on equal terms. He became a registered gunsmith so he could get 0.22 amunition for the club - we sold air weapons and shotguns anyway (alongside radio/TV/electrical/photographic/jewelery/clocks and watches which seemed quite normal to me )
  4. I was at Henry Mellish Boys' Grammar School in Bulwell from 1951 to 56. It was a county grammar which meant it drew students from a fairly wide area - in my case Eastwood. It's funny how few stayed on to do 'A' levels and go to university. I passed 7 'O' levels (though French was a bit of a squeak!) and continued my education on day release and night school taking both C&G (Telecoms) and ONC/HNC (Electronics). Just wondered if there are any former Mellish students on here?
  5. Captain Popkess's son was at Henry Mellish school in Bulwell at the same time as I was though he was probably a couple of years older. That would be early 1950s (I left in 1956 at 16)
  6. Yes, very much so. He was my father. We lived at the shop and I started out in my electronic engineering career repairing TVs but soon realised there was no future for a small proprietor run business and moved to work on computers in 1961 when they were HUUUGE We were both members of Kinberley Rifle Club which had a 25 yd range for 0.22 rifles in the cellars of Hardy and Hanson's brewery. Some years later, my wife and I played badminton weekly in the church hall opposite at the foot of Kettlebank.
  7. I used to travel to school and back every day over 40 Bridges from Eastwood and Langley Mill station via New Eastwood and Kimberley to Bulwell. Steam hauled I was at Henry Mellish. Geoff Sleath, formerly of Nottingham Rd Eastwood.