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  1. Recall seven good years in the 121st Nottingham Scout Troop, with regular camps at Walesby, regular weekends in a little hut much nearer the city, and memorable trips to Sark in 1947 and 1949, and France in 1948, when travel was very much train and ferry. A Kings Scout trip to London, sleeping on board Discovery, and a March Past at Windsor Castle was a later feature, just before National Service took over my life. The Scouters were Raven and Merlin I recall, and our uniforms were distinguished by our grey jerseys. I wonder if the troop still exists and if so are they still attached to a school?
  2. Regular Saturday, first house, visitor to the Gods ‘45 to ‘48, and well remember the scramble to get in the front row. Remember the Billy Cotton Bandshow, the magic shows ? Dante, and did I really see badminton played on ice. And of course Wilson , Kepler and Betty, and Nosmo King, and old Mother Riley. It was the weekly treat.