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  1. Oh and all 3 I posted are cordless with lithium-ion batteries and 8w motors too so good for around 8000spm/rpm which compares to the wahl magiclip and wahl senior which are £120 and £150 respectively.
  2. Some of the budget clippers off Amazon are a lot better than the equivalent priced wahl etc. I’ll post a couple of links. These are all spec’d The same as the high end barber shop wahl stuff priced at £100+ and performance is comparable. personally I rate the hatteker set bit I’ve posted 3 different ones: Hatteker SK: Kemei 2010: Atomoko: https:/
  3. Does anyone remember a nightclub next to Nottingham train station? I think it was on Station street a bit further down from where the Tesco is on the corner...
  4. How many by the late 80s before they sold most of the business?
  5. Ok so not actually inside Vic centre but right outside Lol can anyone remember what the carpet shop across the road from the main entrance used to be called? It was where Burger King is now. I think it was a Wimpy for a short while before it became BK.
  6. Where was that? What’s on the site now?
  7. Clumber St was the first Mc D’s in Nottingham but I can remember the year but late 70s to early 80s it’d be. Burger King came much later -around 1989 I believe.
  8. You can can see Wignalls on exchange walk that is now McD’s at the edge does anyone remember when the big Burger King outside Vic centre used to be a Wimpy? Don’t think it was for very long...
  9. What is on the site now? I couldn’t remember one on exchange walk but somebody said previously in this thread.
  10. Also where was the one on clumber st?
  11. There was the one in Broadmarsh, the one upstairs in Vic centre, the one at the top of St James street, there was one on Angel Row that became Burger King and now Nando’s. Was the one on Exchange Walk what is now McDonald’s? Was that in between it being Wigfalls then McDonalds? Does anyone remember there’s being one where the big Burger King outside Vic centre is now? Am I imagining it? Any others people can remember?