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  1. I remember this shop i bought a Brush Painted black Vespa 200 rally in 1970/80s
  2. E Kingston on New Evening Post Site, Next door to fred bunny cycles
  3. Twistgrip Motorcycles on right and on other side was Wheelcraft who used to rebuild spoked wheels , M Newton
  4. Joslyns closed down and Granby Motors took it over in 1990s i think M Newton
  5. I remember this shop in 1970/80s Agratti Sales and did Garelli Tiger/Record/Benelli etc
  6. The shop is still there dont know if he still trades or not, he had one of my favourite bikes in his shop a 1970s Wassel 125 Antelope Trials with Sach 125 Two Stroke motor with no miles all polished alloy most beutiful Trials Bike ever, M Newton
  7. I remember Clarkes Motorcycles Carlton they had a good selection of different bikes as i remember looking at a Rickman Matisse type 2 stroke 125 in red, fond memories, M Newton
  8. There was Twistgrip Motorcycles on one side, and Wheelcraft on the other, M Newton