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  1. I haven't posted on this site before, but I do like to read the comments, but after reading comments by Mick Fenner, regarding Nottingham Scrap Metal and the BROOKS family, I have recently become aware of the sad death of Tom Brooks at the age of 89,I didn't personally know Tom, who died in November 2020, but have since learnt that he was a lovely family man and will be sadly missed, Tom started the buisness in Radford and was not adverse into rolling his sleeves up and grafting. Back in the 60s he won the contract to strip Wollaton and Clifton pits of scrap metal, prior to demolition. RIP TOM
  2. Hi, my mother left our household when I was 3 in 1956,her name was Edna May Brooks, her father was Albert Brooks, any information would be appreciated, regards Alan Smith. 

  3. My mother Edna May Brooks, my mother, left her family in 1956,she left behind Alan, Brian and Marion Smith, her children and James Edward Smith, her husband, not sure what became of her but would appreciate any information. Her parents were Albert and Emma nee Minion Brooks