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Found 10 results

  1. Can you remember the ads on Radio Trent? Was it Terry Thorne? The place is no longer there? What happened to em?
  2. Yesterday I was told of the passing of nottstalgia member Ashley. I have no further details, maybe piggy and Babs can find out. I do know that Ashley Durose worked as a foreman for Nottingham City Council on council house repairs and maintenance, and as a result had chronic lung disease.
  3. Not sure if we've discussed this chap before, I couldn't find anything on a search. I'm sure this is a good question for Craig in particular but does anyone remember Chris Ashley that did a regular show for Radio Trent back in the day? As I recall his catchphrase was 'On yer bike' or something similar. Seem to remember his shows were heavily sports and particularly football oriented. I recall his show being quite controversial but at the same time very entertaining. Would it be fair to have called him a 'shockjock' of his day? I believe he got a decent amount of listeners in his day but seem
  4. Hi Waddo, Terry Ashley here how the devil are you. By the way they used to call me Tash at school.

    1. Waddo


      Hi tash  I am fine thanks ( me finger is still crooked) how are you and where you living? Hope all is well speak soon.

  5. It would seem that the Newcastle 'relegation specialist' has caved in and will appear, after all, before a commons select commitee to defend Sports Direct's 'good name'. I wonder if Phillip Green will do the same and express his profound sorrow at pillaging BHS' s pension arrangements. I think they should both be sent to Bear Grylls' island to fend for themselves along with perhaps Martin Sorrell and maybe Michael O'Leary. It would be like a fat cat Lord of the Flies !
  6. Just coming up to 4th anniversary since my wife (42 years married, another 5 living together before that,) died,then last sept managed to drop the 650 honda at about 5mp, trapped under it, finally lifted off me by car driver who stopped, no injuries apart from grazing of ankle, this refused to heal, (still have scab on it) given several courses of anti biotics, so many I overdosed on such and they attacked my liver, got jaundice which led to hepitise E, nearly died in hospital and care home 5 weeks, lost 3 stone, also memory, can't recall Christas or New Year, didn't know friends etc, (plus bi
  7. Are you the Ashley (Durose), who lived near the corner of Rosetta Road and Nottingham Road, New Basford ("The Orchard") in the 1950's with your parents, Sheila and Dick?

  8. The Nottstalgia section features a pic of the Three Crowns in Bulwell. My Great Uncle, Arnold Ashley, used to run this pub during the 1930s, I think. He was also well known as a cricketer. He had a son, also called Arnold. Does anyone remember him? I am researching my family history and would love to get some info or stories.
  9. As it says in the title....been a while since hes posted.
  10. Chris is a very good friend of mine . I used to work with him at Catchems Corner in Basford(Went to his second wedding (To Margaret) in 90/1) Wembly to see Nott's play and beat Brighton in the play off final of 90, and I carried on going to see them when they moved to the Bull in at Diseworth,. Sadly I lost touch when I went abroad in 95 His Nickname for me was Judas 'cos I kept stitching him up with loads of old stuff that he used to come out with and secretly swapping the next track that he was going to play, when he wasn't looking,(I regularly swapped it for his recording of Magic in Madri