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  1. Hi I am Malcolm Pritchard. Just turned 73 years old. As a child and teenager I used to live in central Nottingham. In the mid 60's I used to frequent the Dancing Slipper in West Bridgford with 3 or 4 friends. Loved to watch and listen to local bands on a Friday night, especially the Jaybirds. Also enjoyed the trad jazz on Saturday nights. We used to chat to a small group of local girls, who were all very nice. It was a wonderful period of my life. I would love to know what happened to those girls. One was Jan Crockford. Her surname will almost certainly be diff
  2. Hello Judi I used to attend the Dancing Slipper in the mid 60's. Friday nights to see local groups like the Jaybirds; and Saturday nights for jazz bands like Terry Lightfoot. There would be three or four of us. We used to be friendly with a group of 3 0r 4 nice local (West Bridgford) girls. One was Jan Crockford. Another was Judy (tall, slim girl). We used ti see them on Monday nights also at the YMCA in Nottingham. We were all around 17/18 at the time, and so will be in our early 70's now. I would love to make contact with any of these girls now to chat about old times, bu
  3. If you put 'Jaybirds' in the Search box at the top right, you'll get a lot of results from old threads.
  4. I remember the ‘Incrowd’, John Landon was the drummer (I think) and lived on Central Avenue in Mapperley, seem to remember his dad was their Manager. John is still around, playing in local groups. I went to a few gigs at Digby College and Gedling Miners Welfare but can’t remember who I saw performing, but quite possibly the Jaybirds.
  5. I guess all of those groups were local acts who never went beyond being local acts.....with one possible exception. There are two mentions of 'The Jaybirds' who may well be the people who went on to become Ten Years After.
  6. Regarding the Beefiest, Beatiest, Barbeque, I spent all day there helping to set up and was given the 'complimentary' ticket shown which I insisted on paying for! In the evening I was again hanging about helping The Rave-ons with their set up when I was approached by a tall leather clad bloke who wanted to have a word with the group. It turned out that The Jaybirds van had broken down and needed some help getting their gear on site. It was of course Leo Lyons and what a great group the Jaybirds were. The event was billed as a barbeque but I don't remember any eats!
  7. Him my names Dave, I was born and bred in Sneinton, I moved to Ilkeston just seven years ago. I started my musical adventures at the Wembley Club at the bottom of Lichfield Road, Jack Britton was the owner and I was a friend of Tony Britton, we used to see The Jaybirds with Graham Barnes (Alvin Lee) and Reg Guest, or we used to pop over Rossington Road to the March Hare where the landlord George famously turned down the Beatles for wanting too much money ! I went to school with Mick Dale and together we honed our own musical skills at his house on Port Arthure Road and later joined the emer
  8. Alvin Lee's real name was Graham Barnes, and he did attend Glen Bott and lived just off Middleton Blvd. he sadly died in Spain last year after heart surgery. When he was with the Jaybirds, my mates and I often traveled in their bus. Great days indeed.
  9. Mick Malby or Franks - thanks for that Lizzie - yes, it rings a vague distant bell now. You're probably right about Harry as well - I think he was a butcher at the time - but, of course, Alvin Lee of the Jaybirds, and later Ten Years After, had the real name of Graham Barnes - could there be a crossover here? I believe he lived in Woollaton and went to Glen Bott - is that right? Leo Lions was the bass player for both but Clancy (Dave Quickmire) the superb Jaybirds drummer refused to join Ten Years After. Clancy plays/ has player in various recent Nottm bands including the Beatmen - as they
  10. Newbasfordlad (#9), the 60's were a fantastic time in my life and I have so many great memories of this era. Seeing the Rolling Stones live on stage and also at Hyde Park after the death of Brian Jones. Seeing live acts around the UK like Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, the Everly Brothers, the Jaybirds (Ten Years After), Rory Gallagher & Taste and many more. Going to the pubs and clubs to see live bands, some great, some rubbish. Also, meeting, and later marrying, my wife. Yes, the 60's were also a great era.
  11. I can remember seeing the Nottingham group, The Jaybirds with Alvin Lee, at the Wembley Club. It was around the early sixties, maybe 1962 and I took a girl I'd met called Carol who lived in Arnold. She was really stunning and looked a little like Kim Wilde (Kids In America). I used to see a lot of groups around that time because there was always one playing in the pubs and clubs. When The Jaybirds started playing I knew instantly that I was seeing something special. They mostly played Rock & Roll numbers and Alvin Lee was fantastic, creating a great atmosphere in the club.. I'll always rem
  12. I remember Alvin used to date Lorraine Burgin whose parents ran the Newcastle Arms on Nuttall Rd. Always a good pint there! I think she went to live in London with him when the Jaybirds became TYA. Last saw him about 15 years ago at Mansfield Leisure Centre alongside Gerry McAvoy from Rory Gallaghers band. Was also at Central Studios in Lenton for a TV recording of TYA.
  13. I'm looking for photos of "The Jay Cats" - "The Jay Birds" - Early photos of Alvin Lee, Leo Lyons, Ric Lee, Dave Quickmire - Ten Years After.....this also includes any and all photos of these bands and people for use on our websites. and To see what we've already added, just go to google search and type in "Pre Ten Years After" that should get you to the exact page. Scarce as hens teeth to find anything relating to the Jaybirds and Jay Cats. Also, will accept photos of the venues where they played. Thanks in advance from Dave (your host).
  14. Hi Giga Nottstalgia, where are you finding these, amazing. I never knew or remember a Selectadisc next to Ace Records and I had forgot (I think) there were 2 Selectadisc's on Arkwright St but now you point it out I think one did the blue beat stuff and the other dance and pop, there was a downstairs to it too. Really grateful, shame you can't also remember Sandra from Ace but what a find anyway. Tyafans - it was Alvin Lee in the Jaybirds and then he became famous in Ten Years After both here and in the USA. Later he went on his own and was popular and recording almost until his death a month
  15. OK - did a little research. The Dancing Slipper Ballroom was aslo known as The Nottingham Jazz Club. In an article I have, in an old Midlands Newspaper - it list Alvin Dean (not Alvin Lee) a misprint I'm sure - anyone have any memory of this Alvin Dean name? Next, Ivan Jay - Ivan Jaye and Ivan Love and the Jaybirds. While in Hamburg as The Jaybirds, as the Beatles were heading home, as the Jaybirds were moving in, an article says. While there, Leo Lyons (bass) also played with Tony Sheridan. On another note, do any of you remember or know Greg Dix - drummer with "The Hoodoos" he and I have
  16. Hello John and a warm welcome from Germany - a newbe myself.....great people here. enjoy yourself. LizzieM - I'm chomping at the bit here....tell me more about Sons of was the first group that Chick Churchill from Ten Years After was in. Can you fill me in on the rest? Ric Lee was in the Mansfields......then of course Alvin and Leo Lyons were in the Jaycats and the Jaybirds. Looking for more photos of pre Ten Years After history. I can tell you this - Ivan Jay passed away.....I'm looking for Dave Quickmire......and I also know Gary.....I'll get back to you on that.
  17. Re. Ten Years After, when we used to go to the Gaumont Saturday morning 'Beat Club' around 1960, they were known as Ivan Jay and the Jaybirds. They would do covers of the latest top ten hits as well as rock and roll standards.
  18. Hello Everyone, just joined this group a few minutes ago. Seems like the perfect place to come, after the sudden passing of Alvin Lee. Like most people in the world, got my first sight of Alvin and Ten Years After during the movie Woodstock, and my girlfriend and I have been loyal fans from that time forward. Tomorrow morning we head for Paris, for the "Alvin Lee Tribute Concert" and upon our return next week we'll be posting our photos and concert review, as soon as possible. One of the reasons that we joined this website was to ask you nice folks in Nottingham for some help. We're looking f
  19. As the Jaybirds became TYA with a change of drummer Ric Lee(no relation) I think it must have been some other group that was your worst? The Jaybirds used to practice(sometimes) in a house on Rufford Avenue which ran off the top of Welbeck Avenue.
  20. Can't correct you Bubblewrap because I didn't write down the names of the groups at Gedling School dances . There was a dance on 20th March 1964 and then another on the 17th July 1964 . Presumably end of term do's Hopefully the latter wasn't The Jaybirds , as though I didn't name the band I wrote : " about the worst group I have ever heard" !
  21. The Jaybirds played a gig at Gedling School(school dance) in 1964? DavidW will correct me if I am wrong. Alvin Lee at his fastest?
  22. Just looked in my diaries for 1963 / 64 and these are some of the groups that I saw at Digby : The Sabres Tony and the Varitones The Wanderers Rockin Henri and (looks like) Hayseeds ? The Jaybirds appeared at Digby on the 18th April 1964 and my only comment was "great" !
  23. I went to Digby College a few times and may have seen the Jaybirds - I did see the Mockingbirds (Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley, later 10cc) and the Toggery Five. My band, Salty Dogs also played there.
  24. Many memories of the Jaybirds playing at the Cocked Hat in the 60's.