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Found 3 results

  1. I have inherited some signed photographs from my mother from when she performed at various Nottingham theatres with the Betty Rose Dancing School. They are of George Formby, Beryl Formby, Jessica Jennings (?) Freda Marlow (?) Roza Louise and Frank Raymond. Does anyone know anything about these shows? Apart from the Formbys I know nothing about the other performers but they were obviously well known in the 1930s/1940s.
  2. I have noticed from reading on this excellent site a vast amount of members do not now live in Notts, As I don't , I know why I left but why so many others? who apparently love Nottingham. Maybe our memories are more flowery than the reality of living in Nottingham? I will share my reason for being a part time Nottingham resident, I now live in the sun(that's a clue) but from when I was younger I do find people have changed their values, I find funny the phonetic speak of Nottingham born and bred funny, such as ayup me duck It is very rarely used anymore especially by the younger generation its more likely to be a suck through the teeth and a west Indian pigeon English, The local accent has changed, they think its so cool, but to me they are aliens 40 years ago it was so different( imtoo old), Then there is the drug culture, The gun and knife culture, what happened to the old fashioned fist fight and then shake hands and have a pint. Well most have the pubs have shut. I find people today scared and afraid to go out, especially at night, who wants mugging. people keep themselves to them selves, afraid to get involved, THIS IS NOT RESTRICTED TO NOTTINGHAM, it is how the world and society has changed, I live on a idyllic Island in the tropics but there is drugs and occasional robberies, but nothing in comparison to the UK. I hope I have not depressed anyone but would like everybody's views positive and negative. Cheers, ex Pub Landord, Meadows lad,Sherwood man. Alan
  3. A piece of nostalgia - an old pathe news clip of when Forest won the cup in 1959. http://redtrentmist....-cup-final.html