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Found 13 results

  1. Just wondering if anybody knew of any picture or if its still possible to see the interior of what was The Elite on Parliament Street. My grandparents had there wedding reception there in 1955 in what was the ballroom, would love to see a picture of it. Here it is in 1957
  2. Just joined as I have ancestors who used to live in Nottingham . I live in Mid Wales
  3. Came across this on Youtube, might prompt some memories? Stones electrical retailers for one. TTFN.
  4. My colleagues and I have created a new website with an interactive map of memorial sites in Nottingham alongside an assortment of articles about the way in which we remember the World Wars. Please check it out at We welcome any and all feedback and if you have any of your own responses you'd like to share on the site please comment, or don't hesitate to contact us on
  5. I was wondering if anyone lived, or is still in contact with anyone who lived on Lotus street, st anns and remember the smith family of 19. Any information would be extremely valuable. From what I hear, they were a gypsy family and nelly smith had the nickname nelson from a patch on her eye, not sure how true this is though
  6. TGC: The True Tale of Woe "Tales of Woe, of a Nottingham lad" Currently a short portly-but-wobbly bespectacled 67 year-old, made redundant four times, dedicated NHS patient, with his new heart, arthritis, angina, prostate cancer, minuscule wedding tackle, knock-knees, deafness, hernia, bad eyesight, blood disorder and dizzy spells. The disasters, disappointments, successes (both of them), his failures, shattered dreams, false arrest, romantic frustrations, the rejections, inefficacious incidents, lack of education, along with the misfits misconceptions, misunderstandings, misadventure
  7. If any of you out there are interested in aspects of 19th century Nottingham, you may like a book I've just written. it's called 'The Story of Brewer Jack & Champagne Charlie' and deals with their lives as 'sporting men' of Old Nottingham. It's interesting and informative. Anybody interested - let me know. Criseliz
  8. Nottinghamshire Council provides a range of services to cater for children of all ages, and aims to provide quality foster care placements to meet each child’s individual needs in respect of race, culture, religion, disability, bladder control and language. Can you offer a home to this older child with special needs please? “Gerry” Despite a troubled past, TGC is an affectionate child with much to give. He is currently being cared for by The Government Pensions Department but in the interests of our flagging economy would be better suited by having someone else fork out for his upkeep. A
  9. Ey up, Just thought we'd say hello on this local forum. We're a local cider producer set up by a community garden in Clifton. All our proceeds go to help the community garden put on sessions with the local community and organisations who bring down people with physical and mental disabilities, youth groups, schools etc Nice to see a local forum where people are discussing local topics Looking forward to spending a bit of time chatting with fellow Notts folk
  10. I had a walk around town yesterday. As I walked along Wheeler Gate, the chap playing the saxophone was there - a little further towards town, opposite Marks and Sparks was a young chap imitating Jet Harris with an upturned heavy duty plastic bucket and sticks. Anyone see and hear him? Well I never I thought!
  11. A photo gallery of the same Nottingham areas from different years. I hope it is alright to put this link to my Facebook on here?
  12. Mi first attempt at a blog o' Nottingham. Hope you like it. TTFN
  13. Hello to everyone, I am trying to find a lady called Julie Etherington, who may now have married and taken her Husband's surname. As a young girl Julie lived in the Nottingham area and was an avid horse owner and horse rider. I believe that Julie will now be aged between 45 and 55 years old. Jimmy Etherington, Julie's Father, lived in Ruddington, Nottingham and had owned the Old Vic Tavern in Nottingham for ten years during the 1980's, having converted it from a lace factory into a music hall. Jimmy would now be aged between 80 to 90 years old and is mentioned in this web-link dated fro