Max Bygraves

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I see in today's Mail that Max died aged 89. He was quite the entertainer in my younger days, always seemed to be on the telly, especially in variety shows. We all grew up with his songs on Uncle Mack. I remember an interview once he was asked what advice he would give to his children, he said 'always dry between your toes' I still smile about this.

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You're a pink toothbrush I'm a blue toothbrush Have we met somewhere before You're a pink toothbrush And I think, toothbrush

That we met by the bathroom door

Glad to meet, toothbrush

Such a sweet toothbrush

How you thrill me through and through

Don't be hard, toothbrush

On a soft toothbrush

'Cause I can't help loving you

Ev'ry time I hear you whistle

It makes my nylon bristle

You're a pink toothbrush

I'm a blue toothbrush

Won't you marry me in haste

I'll be true, toothbrush

Just to you, toothbrush

When we both use the same toothpaste.......................................... :) Rest in Peace Max

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A true gentleman who was a honest, witty and wholesome entertainer.

Suffering from Alzheimers, he died out here in Oz at his home on Hope Island, Queensland just a few weeks before his 90th birthday and almost a year after his wife had died.

Rest in peace Mr will not be forgotten.

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:) As a child I adored Max and his silly songs on 'Childrens Favourites'; knew all the words to 'Gillygillyhossenfeffer..........

Still liked him when he was churning out his Singalonga Max LP's later - he was a British Institution.

Still liked him even later - modern times - when the Media began churning out the tat on him; about how he was guilty of: doing this and doing that .................

They couldn't tarnish my memory of him from when I was young: 'Mr Wonderful' he was to me then...........

God Bless Max for the happy times he gave us. :)

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