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"Fortiter in re, suariter in modo"

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Dear Katyjay, I of course never knew your friend, Rob237, but I'd like to add something to his memory R.I.P. Rob Pollard. September 5, 1942 - February 2012 - A friend to everyone. From Roy Harper:

Rob has been gone more than a year. I visited his page and added a tribute Valued Contributor to Nottstalgia Nottingham Forums Greatly missed by his fri

I found out today, that Rob237 passed away 6 months ago. Today would have been his 70th birthday. He posted on here for many years. God Bless Rob, hope there is a cricket match in heaven to watch.

I am repeating the link to Nottingham Posts Obituaries, for members to pay respects to Rob.

It was nice to see Compo post a tribute under his Nottstalgia user name :)

You can place a virtual wreath here...
POLLARD Robert Edwin : Obituary

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Yes - it is in the process!

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A Birthday Memorial Post for the late rob237 who would have been 71 years young this day.

photo-thumb-181.jpg?_r=0 (71) rob237

He shall not grow old as we that are left grow old...................................................

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