Barry Noble's Astoria

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Looks like Sherwood Rooms to me...Re the car park...Do you reckon the bloke with the moulds for those concrete sections was giving out backhanders so the council used 'em to construct all the crappy blocks of flats they threw up.

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The Faces were a fantastic live band but could descend into disarray at times! When they were 'on' i.e. sober-sh they were unbelievably good live.

There were a lot of tensions in those days as it was often suspected that Rod kept his best material for his solo albums. The parting of the way finally came around 1975/6 I think when Rod decided to go his own way permanently and work with American musicians on Atlantic Crossing. The early albums were great though - both solo and with the Faces. A Nod's as Good as a Wink by The Faces is a classic.

Considering Rod's early work which was often folk-influenced and his uncanny knack of picking great material, it's a shame the way things went as he courted fame. Still kinda like him somehow.

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The Faces

I used to love the Small Faces but never really gelled with Rod Stuart - there was just something I didn't, and still don't, like about him. Maybe it's because he supports Manchester United and Celtic?

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Like him as a singer, but his choice of football teams leaves a lot to be desired.

Celtic 1 - Forest 2 what a day / night.

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