Posting an image in your post using remote hosting from

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Create an account at, and upload photos from your computer

Hover your mouse over the photo,

a box will appear


Click on the bottom 'IMG CODE' address line


It will copy the address.

Paste it straight into your post.

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In the new Photobucket the hover facility has gone.
Click on the image in your library to get the list of links.
Copy the bottom IMG code link.
Paste STRAIGHT INTO your post.

DO NOT use the Image icon that is in the nottstalgia new post top menu bar.

(this is used for direct image links)

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Email IM, is as stated.

Direct Link address works with the 'image' tool on post menu bar.

HTML code is for use in designing web pages.

IMG code address is the quickest to paste into your post (or PM)

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